Naturkostbar in Steffisburg


Naturkostbar specializes in making raw fresh-pressed oils, nut butters, raw chocolates, homegrown sprouts and is purveyor of superfoods. They also sell raw bulk items (like nuts, seeds and cocoa nibs). I was fortunate enough to have a chance to visit their factory in Steffisburg (with my Mom!).

They made us a delicious and inspired raw superfood mylk (with brazil nut, hazelnut, lucuma, maca, cacao, xylitol and vanilla).

We split a slice of raspberry chezecake (see photo!) and we tried just about everything: from brownies to truffles (btw, THE BEST!).

Naturkostbar is one of the only (best) sources for raw superfoods in Switzerland and they have available to purchase a whole range of products from Ojio. I also tasted the sprouts which I can report are fresh and delicious. And, all the cacao was OH-SO-DELECTABLE! :) <;;;3. This place does NOT skimp on quality.



A MUST: if you are ever in Switzerland, definitely come check out this factory/shop! You can also purchase their top-quality products HERE online (insider tip: the raw-quality walnut oil is exclusively from hand-picked, hand-cracked, cold-pressed, local, organic walnuts — which makes it, quite simply — DIVINE.)

Naturkostbar M. Brönnimann
Bahnhofstrasse 3
3612 Steffisburg
Schweiz / Suisse / Switzerland
tel: +41 79 770 48 88

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