Breakfast at Bob’s Kitchen, Paris France.

Bob opened a juice bar. Now, he has Bob’s Kitchen, too. The concept is simple: vegetarian (American) staples like pancakes (including gluten-free buckwheat), bagels, soups, etc.. And, fresh juices and smoothies.

I started with a juice (I composed my own): fennel, ginger and cucumber.

Next, I had a living salad (baby spinach, cucumber, cashew, avocado, sesame seeds, shaved carrot. Lime half, olive oil). I asked for fresh arugula on the side (I saw how fresh it looked in the refrigerator display). This salad was made to order and I appreciate the creativity and love put into its presentation.

I finished with the house “green cocktail”, (cucumber, celery, parsley, ginger, lime, greens), 6€50. This cocktail is truly delicious.

Great experience. Open on Sundays! (All for €20, including the tip I left) :)
Come and try for yourself:

Bob’s Kitchen
74 Rue des Gravilliers
75003‎ Paris, France

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