Raw Vegan Organic Superfoods; Sol Semilla in Paris, France

Sol Semilla is a superfood laboratory – an alchemist’s kitchen, and in it, a nested treasure trove – the perfectly-hidden Parisian vegan gem. J’aime.

Located along-side Paris’ flowing Canal Saint-Martin, an unassuming storefront invites passersby to enter. How? By simply extending an intriguing invitation to inhale a whiff of a mysteriously-complex, yet subtle and sweet aroma. The spicy and alluring fragrance wanderers from inside out, into the Parisian streets, welcoming Weekend Wanders and Sunday Brunchers alike.

This place is a European vegan superfood superstar. They are a premier importer of raw organic products (sourced, for the most part, directly out of South America). They are an excellent provider (both locally – in the boutique – and here online) of awesome vegan ingredients like raw cacao, Klamath Lake algae, “medicinal soups”, high-ORAC berries and other raw vegan organic superfood powders.

Come one, come all! This restaurant and vegan shop will rock your world; it is a pocket of inspiration, love and abundance. A dream come true for anyone living in a raw food world of organic vegan superfoods. I invite you to check this place out. :)
Sol Semilla provided for me the space to experience a sacred shamanic awakening.


(Open Sundays!)
Le bar des Artisans
Voy Alimento / Sol Semilla
23 Rue Des Vinaigiriers
75010‎ Paris, France

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