Sprouts Bowl with Popcorn Romanesco

This one reminds me of the tentacle bits in fried calamari. :p
So, there’s broccoli and alfalfa sprouts (both homegrown) as well as lentil sprouts for the base of the bowl. I gave this a good dousing of raw apple cider vinegar. On top I placed dehydrated romanesco florets which had been marinated in cayenne pepper, Himalayan pink salt, black cumin oil, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Everything is organic. The florets are marinated in aforementioned sauce and then drained before dehydrating at 45 Celsius for 3 hours. These are crispy and tend towards a gelatinous yet crunchy sensation in the mouth. The seasoning is perfect. I drizzled some Spanish olive oil on top as a finish (which in fact married quite well with the apple cider vinegar).
Enjoy contemplating this one…

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