SiTea Spice, the Enchanted Tea Shop

If you’re ever in the mood for a sexy place to relax and have tea (by yourself or with a lover!), SiTea Spice in the Takoma area of Washington DC is your place! It’s right by the Takoma metro stop on the red line (so you don’t have worry about parking).

At SiTea you’ll find a cosmopolitan living room style layout of couches and comfortable chairs. The color scheme is warm, the space feels sexy and the food/drink is refined. Wherever you’re from, you’ll feel at home at SiTea.


More than a tea shop, this places feels like a spiritual haven.

But, there’s no messing around when it comes to their tea. Quality, hand-blended, and seved to you with the utmost care and dedication (in a cast iron tea service with candle warmer)… You’ll revere these teas; they are amazing!

There are so many to choose from:
(You can find chai blends, herbals, ancient-functional healing-elixirs, greens, and blacks: over 75 blends to choose from!! And don’t worry coffee drinkers, there’s Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee here too!)

Yes, they have food. Samosas, chili, soups, vegan muffins and treats… A place where vegans will find food options. ;)

The owner’s family knows their spices. The spiced chai recipe (made with whole spices, not a pre-ground and pre-packaged chai mix) is their Grandmother’s.. They’ve been in the spice trade for generations, and the chai recipe is still a family secret! There are over 10 spiced chais to choose from and they are all made with almond milk (while soy and rice milks also available, you won’t find cow’s milk anywhere near this place. Vegan all the way!).

*Tip: If you’re in the mood for something out-of-this-world, ask for the “Love Potion #10“. I’m sure you’ll be feeling the Love and Appreciation when you indulge in this special treat!

Overall, this tea shop is a gem. With teas that are organic, natural and fairtrade, the focus of this tea shop is health, healing, and rejuvenation. I really recommend this place to you.
You can also buy their tea and spice blends online at:

SiTea Spice
6902 4th St NW, Washington, DC
(202) 525-5386
Hours OPEN: Mon-Fri 12-8pm, Sat 11-8, Sun 11-6
(Tea shop has free WiFi and lots of power outlets!)

2 comments on “SiTea Spice, the Enchanted Tea Shop

  1. veganperks says:

    Very cool! I need to make a trip to Washington! :-)

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