Morning Smoothie Ritual

Monster green smoothie with hemp Seeds, raw cacao powder, spinach, vega energizing tropical tango smoothie, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, tropical blend frozen fruit (banana, mango, strawberry) and a spoonful of chia seeds.





Great smoothie for a healthy day and a healthy lifestyle. Eat your greens!

8 comments on “Morning Smoothie Ritual

  1. theedgeofveg says:

    Love smoothies for breakfast! Definitely a great start to any day

  2. Gail Raiman says:

    Hi Ben. I love your blog. I need to ramp up my morning smoothies and this one sounds great. Do you happen to have a recipe for it? I’m just starting out and not secure in terms of amounts as I am with cooking. Your mom told me about your new upcoming job and we’ll come out and enjoy. Gail Raiman

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  3. Laura says:

    I’m a smoothie (or two) every day gal, and this looks like a great one to try before a long run!

  4. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Awesome….thanks for sharing!

  5. Rob Taylor says:

    That looks like my kitchen every ;)

  6. 2 smoothies a day is such an amazing habit! I like the shots you took looking down into the blender – cool angle!

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