Kitchen Tools (for Raw, Vegan Food Recipes)

Getting serious about juice / raw food?

Here is a list of equipment you will need before getting started:

Click on the photos of the items below to find out more about each one and where to buy.


Citrus Juicer:

Green Star Juicer:

VitaMix The-Quiet-One:

Raw Food Dehydrator:

Commercial Food Processor:

Nut Milk Bags:

1.5 Pint Mason Jars:

Half Gallon Mason Jars:

This equipment is the best-of-the-best. I have spend hours researching the highest quality materials for opening a juice bar and have personally tested and can attest to the value and durability of the products on this page.


12 comments on “Kitchen Tools (for Raw, Vegan Food Recipes)

  1. Susan Perry says:

    Wow Thanks for all your hard work! I like this and find it very helpful. Thinking about the Juice biz in a serious way.

  2. Susan Perry says:

    I am also wondering why a dehydrator?

    • Ben Blue says:

      Dehydrators are great! You can make granola and give shelf life to sprouted nuts. You can make raw food (like raw pizza!) and raw crackers or kale chips in the dehydrator to sell.

  3. Abdul says:

    Very nice, also thinking about opening a juice bar (in Dubai)… I think the vitamix is a great investment. How is you plan comb along? I’m currently trying to calculate my start up cost and searching for a prime location.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Thank you. I’m in the veryyyyyy beginning stage. I appreciate you sharing.

  5. Ramadhani says:

    am from Tanzania Est Africa… I want to open an fresh juice bar in my country bt I don’t know how to designing the place were I want to star my business Mr ben I need your help.

  6. Nicole says:

    Hi Ben I like what you post the kitchen tools you will need to have for juice business. However, I need some advice and suggestion because I m in process of opening on hopefully next year but I really need to know what the start up cost, how to order right bottles, I want to focus on raw planted based food where can I get them, I want to have salad, smoothies, protein shakes, juicing, weight loss program, focus on cancer fighter salad, how do I create menu etc. I look forward to hear from you.last thing how do I know which register I should buy thank you for reading this

  7. Kumas says:

    Hi Ben,

    I am planning on openning a juice bar and really found you information useful, specially with the equipment as you have saved me a lot of time doing my own research looking for the right equipment to get and just wanted to say thanks a lot…😊👍. I would really appreciate if you could advice me on how to start a business plan and concept as the company leasing the building want a concept and digital image of how the juice bar will look like in order to rent us the shop.

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