Tofu Burrito

Amazing Tofu Burrito!

Celery, broccolini, and tofu are the main ingredients here. I used a Ezekiel sprouted grain wrap for these.

The tofu filling has vegetable stock, tamari, cayenne, turmeric, Himalayan salt, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, curry, ground coriander seed, sesame oil, coconut oil, chickpea miso, red onion… And so much more!
It was delicious. I garnished with dill. Words can not recreate the experience. The main point here is the be creative, try to create things with the ingredients already in your fridge, and TRUST your intuition when cooking.

You come from the earth. Your food comes from the earth. You and it are one. May you prepare food that nourishes you. Allow the Lifeforce in the plants to speak to you. Prepare the meal to honor the Earth, to give thanks, and to sow the seeds of health: for your future and for the future of our environment, humanity and other Beings we share the planet with (animals).

With love and to our health!,


Food That Is Local, Seasonal & Organic: Winter in Switzerland.

Roasted squash and carrots with baby onions. Black lava salt.
Healthy sautéed (in water and a little sea salt, no oil) red, yellow and white beets, with garlic and fresh horseradish root.
Fried wild “horn of plenty” mushrooms in olive oil, with shallots, fresh parsley, sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Served with a simple side salad (in this case, lettuce leaves with salt, pepper, and just a little bit of apple cider vinegar and sesame oil). If for lunch, or a bigger meal, a bowl of quinoa would pair nicely with these seasonal vegetables, too. :) Enjoy!