I think I made the best vegan burger ever…

and there’s video evidence to prove that it happened:

I finally laid my hand on Kite Hill Cheese (YES! Vegan cheese… like for real for real).

These burgers were amazing… here are some delicious photos for you:

IMG_00004985 IMG_00004980 IMG_00004979 IMG_00004972 IMG_00004966


Served with a local kale salad (hemp seeds, turmeric, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, himalayan salt, black pepper, nama shoyu).

BURGER = Ezekiel sprouted grain bun, kite hill cheese, no-bull (sundried-tomato and spinach) vegan burger, kite hill cheese, red onion, heirloom tomato, butter lettuce, organicville chili sauce, black pepper, fresh local basil…


OMG, WOW, seriously the best.

Earthy Lunch. Organic Health-Promoting Vegan Food (High Raw)

20130213-211917.jpgCollard green. Radish sprout + alfalfa sprouts. Tempeh, shiitake mushroom and soaked-walnut roast (with kale). German mustard cream sauce (recipe below).20130213-212104.jpg
Served with sunflower greens.
Wild black rice with a touch of walnut oil and crushed pink salt.

RECIPE:20130213-212228.jpg20130213-212242.jpg20130213-212258.jpgPulse the mushrooms and kale. Add walnuts.
Mash tempeh, season with soy sauce. Add tempeh to food processor with a small handful more of shiitake mushroom and walnuts. Pulse.20130213-212313.jpg(Add) Sesame oil. Black pepper. (Put on sheet tray and bake at 400 degrees fahrenheit)
***20130213-212325.jpgSpread mustard sauce on prepared collard green leaf. (Organic vegan German mustard cream sauce RECIPE: Sunflower pepitas + cashew soaked in water with pink salt.
Blend with half the soak water and nutritional yeast flakes. Add chia seeds and the rest of the soak water.
Add coconut aminos and turmeric [for color]. Add a little [sea] salt and black pepper. Add scoop of garlic and red pepper [chickpea] miso [this one from South River] and organic German mustard.)20130213-212335.jpgServe.


BBQ Tempeh Burger and Sweet Potato Fries at Seed, in Venice CA

What a find! This food was delicious, and the macrobiotic concept is all vegan. The restaurant even cars about sustainability and their environmental impact. Oh, btw, the food: Delicious! Best burger I’ve had in a while.

1604 Pacific Avenue‎
Venice CA‎ 90291