How To Eat #Vegan On A Budget (Organic, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Raw Living Foods)

I went out to the store this evening and came back home with quite the haul.

I was able to find lots of high-quality, nutrient-dense, vegan foods. All for a total of about $70. This will last me probably 4 days… so at less than $20/day this is pretty high quality stuff. Check out the video to see some of the products I bought (including NuttZo ButterMary’s Gone Crackers Jalapeno, Raw (Superfood) Trail Mix, and Go Raw Granola Bars):

I hope you enjoyed this video. Please let me know what you think.

Keep Healthy!

Maca Magic

My local Whole Foods Market recently ran a sale for Navitas Naturals Raw Organic Maca Powder for $18.50. That same maca can be had on any day of the week (or time of the night!) for less than that (and Amazon will get it to you in 48 hours!). Is that competition or what?

My fridge has been empty of maca for almost 6 months, because I had been holding off paying almost $20/lb for something that is not my favorite superfood (or so I thought!). I had been surviving on raw cacao! ;) This past week I decided to take the plunge, and I bought myself a fresh batch of organic maca from


I just got this new maca in the mail from Divine Organics. It’s a 2lb bag!

I used to buy navitas maca.

The Divine Organics Maca smells stronger and tastes fresher than navitas maca (or at least is on par for same level of quality). But, the price of Divine Organics maca is $12.5/lb — a much more attractive price point than Navitas Maca (about $17.5/lb) and, for that matter… anything that you can find at Whole Foods Market!

Maca is native to the Andes and Peru.

Maca has been used by people in the mountains for centuries.

It is a medicinal herb and supposed aphrodisiac. Maca’s has great nutrtional value, with a high concentration of nutrients. It is rich in minerals and trace elements. The general composition of maca is: 60-75% carbohydrates, 10-14% protein, 8.5% dietary fiber, and 2.2% fats.

WebMD says maca is possibly effective for “enhancing sexual desire in men”. Maca may prove to show potential in aiding the human “detoxification mechanism”. Maca can create an energy boost, and may be a good substitute for caffeine.

Maca may play a role in balancing hormones. Hormones “regulate many things including mood, growth, sexual development, and tissue function.” That our hormones be in balance is very important!

Maca is the Incan superfood for energy, balance and vitality!

Maca has a delicious “malty”, slightly nutty flavor. I tend to use it a lot in smoothies and on top of oatmeal or chia porridge. You can also bake with maca. Substitute flour for maca.

You can buy maca here.

I highly recommend Divine Organics Maca.

Make a Healthy Choice

Do yourself a favor and make this smoothie. (Doesn’t require vitamix, but does blend nicely in one…)

This anti-oxidant and omega-3 rich smoothie with ginger will have you feeling enegized immediately. The smoothie will give you feeling of aliveness and direct power to the brain right now.

Ingredients/Recipe: ‎Kale, cacao nibs, dehydrated sprouted walnut, flax seeds, ginger, water.


A look inside the blender:

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Breakfast Smoothie

Chia seeds, flax milk, kale, sunwarrior warrior blend (vanilla), walnuts, raw almond butter, raw cacao powder.
Blend on high.
This smoothie is perfect about an hour after waking up and starting the day with 20oz+ of raw, low-glycemic green juice. (ex: Celery, cucumber, kale, spinach). Make green vegetable juice in an Omega VRT400 vertical masticating juicer.