Awesome Vegan Food

Filtered water, himalayan salt, shiitake mushroom, tamari, sprouted tofu, Cajun seasoning, garlic, chili powder, Tabasco, freshly grated turmeric, black pepper, basil leaves, leftover (already cooked) brown rice, olive oil.

Olive oil added at the end, after all the heat is off, so as not to deteriorate the quality of the oil.

Pure Energy Cookie-Bars

Whole Foods Cookie

Seriously, this recipe took me 20 minutes, from conception to finish. I thought I’d be making a sort of energy bar… Turned out more like a cookie, or even brownie/blondie!

10 minutes to mix ingredients in food processor and 10 minutes in the oven (in a pie tin sprayed with coconut oil).

Organic medjool dates, raw almond butter, Himalayan salt, hemp protein (Manitoba HempPro70 has delicious flavor and is high in protein), organic raw oat bran, unsweetened organic almond milk, organic raw coconut sugar, organic raw cocoa nibs, organic raw hemp seeds (hemp hearts), organic sesame seeds, organic coconut oil.

20130416-122542.jpg(I did not bake on the metal thing the cookie is resting on. That is just what I was cooling it on. I baked in a pie mold. And, in the photo, the cookie is actually flipped upside down.)

Maybe the best cookie I’ve ever had.

Great source of fiber.
Great source of protein
Great source of antioxidants
Great source of health-promoting fats
Great source of minerals.

No cane sugar!

I might re-make them into little muffin-things. ;)
Could be good with added spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne!! :p

Vegan Meal of The Day

20130122-214446.jpghot food: Yellow onion (small) , garlic, olive oil, parsley. Shallot, quinoa. Sea salt.
Kale, herbs (oregano, marjoram, rosemary, basil, thyme, sage) tomato concentrate. Dates. Cayenne pepper.

Raw salad: White beets and white radish, with blanched red onion. horseradish root, lemon juice, sesame oil. Black lava salt.

Served with sunflower sprouts.

Quinoa RECIPE:
*Onions, garlic shallot and parsley in olive oil. Add the (rinsed) quinoa:20130122-214848.jpg

*Add water and sea salt:20130122-215001.jpg

*Reduce, covered. Add kale, tomato concentrate and herbs:

*Season with cayenne, more sea salt, baby yellow onions, and chopped up dates (for sweetness):20130122-215503.jpgSERVE! :) Enjoy :D

Cooked-Vegan Organic Gastronomy – 4-Course Meal

Seasonal Root Vegetable and Ayurvedic Lentil-Curry Soup, with Cilantro-Sesame Oil, Knife-Crushed Cumin Seed and Szechuan Pepper:20130117-005702.jpg (olive oil, celeriac, carrots, shallots, yellow lentils, ayurvedic hot curry, sesame oil, cilantro, cumin, lemon juice, szechuan pepper)

Sautéed Kale and Button-Mushrooms, with Sunchoke Purée and Parsley Sauce:20130117-010350.jpg (olive oil, shallots, kale, mushrooms, sunchoke, pink salt, parsley)

Market Salad with Coeur de Frisée, Half-Blood Orange/Lemon and Brazil Nut Dressing with Raw Kohlrabi and Black Lava Salt:20130117-010836.jpg(lettuce, frisée, Brazil nuts, kohlrabi, lava salt, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, half-blood orange, olive oil)

Raw Food Frozen Banana, Whole Almond Butter, Hemp Seed and Cinnamon Dessert. Dehydrated Black Coffee/Cacao Wafer:20130117-011323.jpg(almond butter, banana, cinnamon, hemp seeds, cold-pressed coffee, 100% cacao. Both the coffee and chocolate are from a fairtrade organic cooperative of families called SALDAC)

What’s important to remember here is: fresh, organic, local, seasonal vegetables from this morning’s farmer’s market. (Respect this as much as possible)

Raw Spicy Bok Choy with Garlic

Spicy, garlicky dipping sauce: Carrot, collard green, sundried tomato, garlic, Himalayan salt, avocado oil, tandoori seasoning (coriander, cumin, paprika, garlic, ginger, cardamom, saffron), coriander, cumin, water.

Topped with sauerkraut with sea vegetable and ginger.

Chinese cabbage (bok choy) to be dipped in these sauces. Turmeric and almond slices to garnish.