Organic Kale Salad from Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market

20140622-160801-58081427.jpgI went to the Dupont Circle farmers market today and bought some fresh kale. I made a raw kale salad with kale, apple cider vinegar, hemp seeds, olive oil, munchi curry, and himalayan salt. 100% Organic.
20140622-160951-58191116.jpgThe organic kale greens are from Sunnyside Organic Farm. It feels great to eat food from a farmer I’ve met.

Farmer’s Market Vegan Cooking and Raw Food Salad

Salad: red onions, raspberry vinegar, salt and pepper, olive oil, market salad, lambs lettuce, radish, radish sprouts, edible flowers, apple.

Carrot “pasta” with lemon and olive oil, sauce including pinenuts, red onion, leeks, olive oil, apple, curry and herbs.
Carrot “noodle” close-up (made with vegetable peeler and steamed for a small amount of time):

Food That Is Local, Seasonal & Organic: Winter in Switzerland.

Roasted squash and carrots with baby onions. Black lava salt.
Healthy sautéed (in water and a little sea salt, no oil) red, yellow and white beets, with garlic and fresh horseradish root.
Fried wild “horn of plenty” mushrooms in olive oil, with shallots, fresh parsley, sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Served with a simple side salad (in this case, lettuce leaves with salt, pepper, and just a little bit of apple cider vinegar and sesame oil). If for lunch, or a bigger meal, a bowl of quinoa would pair nicely with these seasonal vegetables, too. :) Enjoy!

Seasonal Vegetables in Their Natural Light

20130117-190441.jpgQuinoa: shallots, water, quinoa, garbanzo sprouts, lentil sprout, baby mung bean sprouts. Black lava salt. Plated and finished with sesame oil.
Kohlrabi greens sautéed with bean sprouts, lemon juice, sesame oil.
Boiled celeriac with a touch of fermented ume juice with shiso leaf. Plated, finished with Black lava salt and sesame oil.

20130117-190609.jpgFrisée salad with bean sprouts, lemon juice and sesame oil, black lava salt

Organic Raw Vegan Dinner, with Superfood Dessert

20121031-201702.jpgFirst course, Italian-Inspired Living Salad: Pesto (basil, olive oil, salt, pinenuts, garlic, lemon juice), lime juice, olive oil, arugula, black pepper, sun-dried tomates, green olives, alfalfa sprouts, parsley leaf.

20121031-201818.jpgMain course, Showcase of Broccoli, Kale and Fennel: Kale, broccoli, lime juice, fennel, flaxseed oil, Swiss mountain herbs, Himalayan pink salt, grated Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke), spiced walnuts (dehydrated with turmeric, curry, pink salt, olive oil).

20121031-202221.jpgDessert, Superfood Chia Pudding served with reishi tea and pure cacao-paste chocolate bar: Vanilla, cinnamon, lucuma, coconut oil, chia seeds, white guarana, mesquite, bee pollen, Brazil nuts, raw cacao.