Best Mushrooms. (and) Broccoli Salad.

So much fun to eat these amazing health promoting foods. The mushrooms are with vegetable stock, garlic, Himalayan salt, black pepper, lemon juice and parsley!
The broccoli salad is with raw broccoli, broccoli sprouts, untoasted sesame oil, Himalayan salt, cayenne pepper, avocado, and sprouted tofu (cubed and fried in soy sauce and a touch of rice vinegar). Yummy yummy, yummy; delicious!

Edible flowers. Simple tortillas made of corn flour + water (and lime) made into chips under the broiler. Everything is organic. All of it!


Here’s a link to an awesome video about mushrooms:

Food That Is Local, Seasonal & Organic: Winter in Switzerland.

Roasted squash and carrots with baby onions. Black lava salt.
Healthy sautéed (in water and a little sea salt, no oil) red, yellow and white beets, with garlic and fresh horseradish root.
Fried wild “horn of plenty” mushrooms in olive oil, with shallots, fresh parsley, sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Served with a simple side salad (in this case, lettuce leaves with salt, pepper, and just a little bit of apple cider vinegar and sesame oil). If for lunch, or a bigger meal, a bowl of quinoa would pair nicely with these seasonal vegetables, too. :) Enjoy!

Keep It Simple, Nutritious, Delicious: Brown Rice & Kale

Brown rice, with a balancing Ayurvedic hot curry mix (cumin, ginger, fenugreek, fennel, yellow mustard, coriander, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper), sea salt, and oregano. This morning’s farmers’ market-fresh organic kale sautéed with water and a hand-squeeze of lemon juice, (removed from heat and lightly coated with) untoasted sesame oil, and cumin seed. Organic, fresh, simple, wholesome, satisfying, good. This is a GREAT meal.


Holy Life Living Foods Salad

May the new year bring life, fulfillment and prosperity!20130112-173415.jpgBlack lava salt, turmeric, oregano, lentil sprout, garbanzo (chickpea) sprout, mung bean sprout, radish sprout, sundried tomato-pesto pâté (pesto, soaked sundried tomatoes, tomato soak water, ground brown flaxseeds), shredded celeriac.
Eat organic (love Mother Nature, our Earth!). Eat living foods, for health, wellness, and detoxification-antioxidants. May all of Life’s creations be blessed, nourished, and vibrantly healthy!

Raw Vegan Brazil Nut Cheese

Brazil nuts, lemon juice, turmeric, pink salt.20121219-071345.jpgSoak Brazil nuts in water 45 minutes to soften. Strain and blend with lemon juice, turmeric, and pink salt. Add a touch of water to homogenize consistency. Form into small cylinders (think: crottin goat cheese). Dehydrate at 40C for 8 hours. Place in freezer for 2 hours. Serve with cracked black pepper, olive oil, and Italian herbs.

Soaked and Dehydrated Hazelnuts with Curry

Soaking the nuts “activates” them, by removing the enzyme inhibitors (the nut awakens and increases in energy as if it were to be planted to become a tree). I soaked them for about 8 hours. That’s a minimum, soaking overnight is quite good, and they do fine soaking in water for a couple days (choose high quality water, and refrigerate while soaking). I lightly dusted the hazelnuts with curry (lots of turmeric, a little cumin, other ingredients) which coated quite nicely as the surface of the nuts was still wet after draining soaking water. Also, a little Himalayan pink salt was added to enhance the oils in the nuts. Dehydrated these for 22+ hours, and they can go for about 30 hours, if you have the patience. Who knew raw food could teach foresight and being proactive!20121214-165804.jpg