Breakfast Smoothie

Chia seeds, flax milk, kale, sunwarrior warrior blend (vanilla), walnuts, raw almond butter, raw cacao powder.
Blend on high.
This smoothie is perfect about an hour after waking up and starting the day with 20oz+ of raw, low-glycemic green juice. (ex: Celery, cucumber, kale, spinach). Make green vegetable juice in an Omega VRT400 vertical masticating juicer.

vegan organic dinner

Cooked sprouted rice blend (brown and wild). Coconut oil, sesame oil, brown rice vinegar.

Raw chopped kale salad, fresh lemon juice, brown rice vinegar, olive oil, himalayan salt, black pepper. Fresh rosemary, basil and parsley.

Brown buttom mushrooms, cooked in low sodium vegetable stock, with chickpea miso.

Ginger and leeks, sautéed in coconut oil, with baby bok choy. Finished with mushroom broth, fresh cilantro and za’atar.

Pickled cabbage and cauliflower with madras curry.

Most Nutrient-Dense Vegan Foods:



nutrient-dense superfood

nutrient-dense superfoods

Dinner: Smoothie and “Pizza”

Amazing smoothie! The raw food living food vegan green smoothie: Celery, spinach, strawberry, Raw Reserve raw green superfood powder (with 25 billion live probiotics), kombucha, (coconut) kefir.
It is an Amazing God Smoothie.


Open-face vegan tortilla pizza (gluten-free).

Veggies: Make a broth (like for vegetable soup). Condense by boiling down. Add spinach, chickpea miso (which has no soy; this chickpea miso features garlic + red pepper), and lemon juice.

On a gluten-free tortilla (I used brown rice tortilla), spread roasted red pepper hummus, and top with sautéed veggies. (As in picture below)

Spray edge with coconut oil (to crisp up tortilla). Spread veggies evenly over hummus. Oven at 350-365F for 3-6 minutes to homogenize consistency, reduce water content, and crisp the edges.

Cut with pizza cutter, and eat like chips and dip ;)

FYI for this whole meal I used total 5oz baby spinach.
Go green! eat Organic!

Mushroom and Kale (Vegan) Ragout

Mushroom and kale ragout with sundried tomatoes, Brazil nuts and cilantro. Garlic and red pepper broth. Spring mix salad, broccoli sprouts and alfalfa sprouts, lime juice, black pepper.
* soy-free, anti-cancer, health-promoting.
* high-mineral, high-fiber, low-glycemic.
* Alkalizing
* organic, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free