Cacao Tree Cafe, Royal Oak, Micihgan

Had lunch at Cacao Tree Cafe.
I came here for the first time for my birthday in December.
Once again, a legit experience. Raw vegan food. It was delicious.
All organic.
Awesome detox juice (green juice):

The staff are bright, alive and vibrant. They all seem very present in what they are doing. Definitely A LOT OF LOVE goes into this food. And Love counts.20130801-173000.jpg Very clean.

I also got the “Daily Tonic”.. My ABSOLUTE favorite! (One of the main reasons why I could not wait to get back to Cacao Tree Cafe).

20130801-173741.jpg THIS —> Daily Tonic: Fresh cut young Thai coconut meat & water blended with cacao powder, maca, mesquite, shilajith, macuna, hand-ground fresh vanilla powder, Ceylon cinnamon, chaga mushroom. (No Fruit)

I also had some non-liquid raw food, namely: “mexican” salad + 2 raw vegan desserts (chai cheesecake! + chocolate & nuts dessert-thing). The BEST.

Salad: 20130801-174858.jpg + “chipotle dressing”:20130801-174956.jpg



I love this place. Raw food heaven. Strongly recommended live-food restaurant.

Cacao Tree Cafe
204 W 4th St, Royal Oak, MI

Organic Ayurvedic Indian Khichdi Recipe

Ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, white pepper, curry spices, himalayan salt, tamari, coriander, shallots, masoor lentils, brown rice, sunflower oil, olive oil. (all ingredients organic)
1) cook the lentils and rice separately according to their own recipes.
2) pestle together all roots and spices
3) heat sunflower oil, add shallot, add pestled curry paste. (see photo 2)
4) fry the cooked lentils in this mixture with tamari on medium-high heat, until integrated with curry.
5) mix in rice with the lentils. (see photo 3)
6)When the whole is hot, serve. Garnish with coriander and olive oil

(photo 2)20120804-180706.jpg

(photo 3)20120804-180651.jpg

Deluxe Vegan Tacos! Gluten Free :)

Awesome vegan tacos. The “meat” is made of blended walnut and soaked almonds with tamari, a variety of spices (including cumin and smoked paprika, sea salt, powdered garlic and black pepper) and olive oil. Gluten-free corn tortillas topped with tomato from the farmers’ market, bell pepper, salad, and “cheese” sauce (from heated concoction of nutritional yeast, almond milk, garbanzo & fava flour, and spices). These were so delicious! :)