How To Live A Life Of Your Own Design

Look around. We are all living a life of quiet desperation. We all have hopes, dreams, and desires that we secretly want to achieve in this Iworld.

We feel we are special. We feel we are different. We feel we are on a unique path, and just around the corner from something “big”.

Each and every one of us. The desire for greatness is a human need. Part of the human condition. We are making due with today, because we know that we are “almost” there. We are waiting.

Everyone feels this: we want to be noticed, we want to chase our dreams, we refuse to give up or settle for anything less than we “deserve”.

We are driven and hard-wired for greatness. We want to go out and do great things, we want to touch the lives of other people. Deep down inside, we want everyone to reach their goals.

Attention! We are not competing against eachother here. We are here to serve eachother. The drive to be “unique” is very personal; it’s a very cherished idea of ourselves that we have. We feel we are significant individuals. And we are.

We all are. In fact, the more personal, individual and significant our thoughts are, the more they are likely to be Universal in nature.

What I mean is this. Say you want to live a life of “Freedom”. Say you want to live a life of “Peace”, a life of filled with “Joy”. Say your want to experience the feeling of being cared for and in alignment with the “Flow” all that is…

All this is possible for YOU.

Understand that “The more personal the desire the more Universal”. That means the deeper you hold something and believe in it, the more likely others are to be holding, believing in and desiring similar things, or RESULTS in their lives.

Let me say that again: “The more personal an ambition, the more likely it is that other people hold a similar ambition”.

So when you see other people want to be heard, to be loved, to be held, to be helped… YOU know how that feels. The more you see somebody striving with PASSION to achieve their dreams, the more YOU know how that feels.

Get out of your own way here. There is no more need to protect yourself. When you help others achieve their goals in life, you are calling on the Universe to give way for your dreams, desires and ambition to come true in your life. By helping others you are lighting your own spark.

See in the faces, eyes, body language, emotions, and behavior of those around you the YEARNING for FREEDOM. See in everyone around you the DESIRE to live a life filled with passion, with zest, with zeal.

You are not alone here. Everyone around you feels the same thing you do. You are a magnetic-vibrational-kinesthetic-mutlti-dimentional BEING. You are life, light, and BEAUTY itself. You ARE the STUFF that dreams are made of. Your very essence is the perfume, the love, the aether of the infinite, timeless realm the of that which we call “God”. You are the creator, and also the “Created”. Now, go forth into the world with this newfound (remembered) wisdom– and SEE THE LIGHT in others. See the potential in others. Allow yourself to be carried away in the possibly of others reaching and experiencing GREATNESS.

Greatness is not a quality by birth. Greatness is something you become. Something you are remembered as. Believe in your dream. Take massive action in yourself. Continually ask yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing. In the end, this will be about WHO YOU BECOME…

Now is the time for the journey. Accept yourself as you are today. Focus on where you want to go. Figure out a way to get there.

You can do it! You will do it! What do YOU want? Go get it.

Best Mushrooms. (and) Broccoli Salad.

So much fun to eat these amazing health promoting foods. The mushrooms are with vegetable stock, garlic, Himalayan salt, black pepper, lemon juice and parsley!
The broccoli salad is with raw broccoli, broccoli sprouts, untoasted sesame oil, Himalayan salt, cayenne pepper, avocado, and sprouted tofu (cubed and fried in soy sauce and a touch of rice vinegar). Yummy yummy, yummy; delicious!

Edible flowers. Simple tortillas made of corn flour + water (and lime) made into chips under the broiler. Everything is organic. All of it!


Here’s a link to an awesome video about mushrooms:

Curry For Breakfast

Zingy-Zany Walnuts recipe:
Soaked my nuts for a good 12-14 hours. Concocted a mixture of lemon juice, black cumin oil, cayenne, turmeric, himalayan pink salt, spicy/balancing aryuvedic curry powder, stevia extract, wildcrafted Alpine herbs. Gently coated nuts with this lemon/curry/herb mixture. Dehydrated for just over 30 hours at 40-42C.

Eating activated walnuts with raw Sacred Chocolate Indian Sunset Heart: it is a magical dream. Awesome breakfast! Love.
(Cayenne, lemon, pink salt, turmeric and the detox superfoods = cleansing!)