How To Eat #Vegan On A Budget (Organic, Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Raw Living Foods)

I went out to the store this evening and came back home with quite the haul.

I was able to find lots of high-quality, nutrient-dense, vegan foods. All for a total of about $70. This will last me probably 4 days… so at less than $20/day this is pretty high quality stuff. Check out the video to see some of the products I bought (including NuttZo ButterMary’s Gone Crackers Jalapeno, Raw (Superfood) Trail Mix, and Go Raw Granola Bars):

I hope you enjoyed this video. Please let me know what you think.

Keep Healthy!

Organic Kale Salad from Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market

20140622-160801-58081427.jpgI went to the Dupont Circle farmers market today and bought some fresh kale. I made a raw kale salad with kale, apple cider vinegar, hemp seeds, olive oil, munchi curry, and himalayan salt. 100% Organic.
20140622-160951-58191116.jpgThe organic kale greens are from Sunnyside Organic Farm. It feels great to eat food from a farmer I’ve met.

Organic Avenue, New York City

Organic Avenue makes fresh-pressed, organic, raw, vegan juices and living foods, and they are a retailer of raw food products and treats like kale chips, raw chocolate and superfoods. They have multiple locations across New York City. They specialize in detox foods and wellness lifestyle and can ship their juices across the United States for detox cleanse packages.


I got a raw food collard green wrap, and a cold-pressed unpasteurized green juice. I also later got multiple e3 live algae shot and purchased a raw cacao raw chocolate bar from my friends at Fine & Raw Chocolate.

I love this place. The design is so clean, the food is good, the marketing is clear (LOVE), the product is high quality, and the staff are so friendly and helpful.

Green juice is all over New York City, and Organic Avenue is a winner when it comes to serving the “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability” (LOHAS) market.



Thank you Organic Avenue! I love you!
Organic Avenue / Locations

Green Food

Three salads. Two salad dressings. Living Foods.

(Spring mix organic salad with dressing: includes hemp seeds, olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, avocado, spirulina, curry powder, turmeric… All good stuff)





(Salad with daikon, carrots and celery. Dressing: Chickpea miso, rice vinegar, salt, black pepper, tandoori curry, olive oil. Lemon juice.)





Awesome raw vegan food.
Dressing: Lemon juice, raw ginger, balti seasoning, avocado, Himalayan salt, rice vinegar, cilantro, spirulina.
On a salad of chopped red chard, red cabbage, and baby spinach !!

So delicious :)

Let food be your cleanser. Your body knows how to heal itself. May the food you eat pass through you and clean your insides. Greens are your fiber. And fiber is to wash the insides out, like a scrub brush, brushing up inside of you and cleaning it all out!