Vegan Organic Food, Vegetables and Rice Dinner

Germinated brown rice, boiled in vegetable stock, Turkish seasoning (has some sumac in it, which I love!), Bragg 24 herb seasoning, chili powder, and finished with olive oil. Fresh oregano.

Sweet potato fried with scallions in coconut oil. Pink salt, cajun seasoning, cayenne pepper, coconut sugar.

Oven roasted broccolini, carrots, apple, and rosemary with olive oil and Himalayan pink salt, and black pepper.


How To Make Really Great Pesto For Vegans (No Parmesan Cheese!)

ALMOND-PESTO: Basil, olive oil, miso, kelp (= iodine: essential for thyroid health, metabolism), black pepper, garlic, almonds, sea salt.

See the video recipe, for guidance and tips…