Sunday Brunch at Cafe Pinson, Paris

20130204-102046.jpgCafe Pinson is good. Really good, in fact. It’s a new cafe with a fresh vibe. The place is beautiful and the brunch was good. All organic, and the meal I had was completely vegan. Included kale, root vegetable purée, coffee, soy yoghurt and granola and more! A bit pricey in my opinion. But, maybe its pricing is targeted for a clientele which does not represent my scene… It’s a place to see and be seen.20130204-102147.jpg20130204-102159.jpg20130204-102214.jpg
Cafe Pinson
6 rue du Forez
Paris 75003

Dinner at Potager du Marais, Paris

This is a vegan restaurant serving traditional French fare. An interesting concept and great to see a restaurant where people came for a night out and not simply for the fact that the restaurant is “vegan”…
Nice vegan take on a traditional French dining experience. Saturday night, the restaurant is full. People are enjoying themselves. Big, heavy, satisfying food. I had two soups. Classic French onion and the soup on the chalkboard “velouté de courgette au basilique”.

Le Potager du Marais
24 rue Rambuteau
Paris 75003

Matcha Green Tea at Jugetsudo, Paris

Jugetsudo, a luxury (high-end) Japanese green tea boutique, is quite simply awesome. There is a focused product offering and offer a discovery into traditional Japanese tea culture and ceremony.20130204-103538.jpg20130204-103552.jpg<20130204-103608.jpg
I had matcha tea. It all was a very subtle experience. Much depth to the matcha. A true wonder.
Matcha evolves in flavor/aroma. Come experience the peace of this space yourself!

So delicate, so pure, so authentic.

95, rue de Seine – Paris 6e
Tél : +33 (0) 1 46 33 94 90
Ouverture : 11h00 – 19h00 (fermé les dimanches et jours fériés)

Pousse Pousse, Paris

20130203-164056.jpgI ordered a wheatgrass shot to start. The wheatgrass smells good. It’s soft and delicious. A great way to start the meal. There a bit of a spicy finish. :)

***20130203-162909.jpg20130203-162941.jpgChard, lentil, coriander soup. Onion sprouts with raw crackers.
I sense the soup is quite nutrient dense, but. Whatever it is.. It’s quite delicious. Abundance of crackers is very generous. Much appreciated.

*20130203-163030.jpgMain course: Wow beautiful. This food is really good. The raw lentil “caviar” is light fluffy and the lemon integrated is a beautiful flavor on the palate. Sweet potato salad is high quality. A nice array, delicate. Jasmin and yellow rice with saffron is sumptuous to the point of luxury. This may be the best food I’ve ever had. The colors are complimentary and the flavors are delicious.

*20130203-163108.jpgThe salad is so thoughtful. I sense tamari, lentil sprouts, citrus (grapefruit? Blood orange?), many micro-greens, sunflower pepitas… And all of such quality!

*20130203-163205.jpgNice raw chocolate cake dessert with rose sauce.

Pousse Pousse
7 Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette
Paris 75009
+33 1 53 16 10 81

Oven Roasted Tempeh with Carrots and Spinach. Sautéed Apples.

Simple organic lettuce with olive oil and champagne vinegar, salt and pepper.

Roasted carrots and tempeh with curry, soy sauce and water (in oven, covered with tin foil). Added spinach on top (in the oven) during the last 5-7 minutes. Remove from oven, drizzle with lemon-olive oil (over spinach).
Served with fried apples in avocado oil with yellow onion. Paprika.


ChocoLatitudes Paris

Got to Paris and ran over to this store (which happened to be near we’re I’m staying)…
Such an array of chocolate! It’s a real awesome diverse huge selection of (mostly) organic chocolate! the boutique features many raw chocolates. The most beautiful collection of chocolate I have ever seen. A hidden gem in Paris; do visit this shop! :) There’s also a little “tea shop” where you can sit down to have a hot chocolate inside!

Raw Chotolate Tastings!:

Xoco handmade and natural – Grand Cru 90%. So delicious, silky awesome smooth!

Finally!! I get to try “conscious” chocolate. (Conscious. Organic Raw, Handmade Chocolate) Raw. I’ve been seeing it all over the Internet. This one: Goji, coconut, carob. Soft. Luscious! :) yummy yummy yummy :)
57, rue Daguerre
Paris 75014
tel:+33 01 42 18 49 02