Juice Press, NYC

Juice Press was – by far – my favorite raw juice bar while visiting New York this time. I visited 3 different locations of Juice Press.
I loved the fresh pineapple, ginger smoothie with homemade almond milk (#14 I think). All the superfood smoothies seemed good.

Also so awesome: the raw chocolate truffles, dusted in cacao. Delicious!

Now that I have gotten the raw food and smoothies out of the way… On to the real reason why I LOVE Juice Press: raw juice. Their commitment to the highest quality raw Green Juice is outstanding. Seriously I must have had 10 of these over the course of my brief stint in NYC. All the green juices tasted delicious, like elixirs of heaven.

My favorite is “Gravity” with e3live and aloe, lemon, kale, cucumber, celery.
I tried several other green juices too, and they were all excellent. There are multiple options for low-glycemic green juice. (Many other juice bars only have one or two (green) juices which do not contain high-sugar fruits such as apple or pear…)

Seriously, I LOVE Juice Press.
Check them out in New York City.
100% Organic, 100% Vegan.









Juice Press

Vegan Health-Promoting Breakfast

Do you remember Peaches & Cream oatmeal with brown sugar?…
Well, I’ve updated the recipe – raw vegan style – to be health-promoting!20130404-123552.jpg
I blended frozen organic peaches with organic almond milk and four Brazil nuts.
I mix this “peach cream” into raw organic oat bran (higher in fiber and protein than oatmeal).
I seasoned with organic coconut sugar (lower-glycemic than cane sugar).
I seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg (antioxidants) and garnished with edible flowers.

I love adding edible flower whenever I can. I feel they add the reminder of the ephemeral nature of human life. Hopefully that reminder can prompt us to appreciate the Life we are living.


Organic Salad (with Kale, Avocado and Bean Sprouts)

Lovely organic kale salad.
Nice dressing with grapefruit juice (hand pressed, fresh)… This salad is a little on the sweet side. Great to serve alongside something a little salty (savory).

Avocado, Dino kale, blackberry vinegar, black pepper, Himalayan salt, grapefruit juice, blanched mung bean sprouts. plated. seasoned with toasted sesame oil and edible flowers.

Chop kale:

Season avocado with vinegar (it’s balsamic with blackberry in it):


Blanch sprouts:




Tofu Burrito

Amazing Tofu Burrito!

Celery, broccolini, and tofu are the main ingredients here. I used a Ezekiel sprouted grain wrap for these.

The tofu filling has vegetable stock, tamari, cayenne, turmeric, Himalayan salt, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, curry, ground coriander seed, sesame oil, coconut oil, chickpea miso, red onion… And so much more!
It was delicious. I garnished with dill. Words can not recreate the experience. The main point here is the be creative, try to create things with the ingredients already in your fridge, and TRUST your intuition when cooking.

You come from the earth. Your food comes from the earth. You and it are one. May you prepare food that nourishes you. Allow the Lifeforce in the plants to speak to you. Prepare the meal to honor the Earth, to give thanks, and to sow the seeds of health: for your future and for the future of our environment, humanity and other Beings we share the planet with (animals).

With love and to our health!,


Collard Green Wraps

Better than a burrito!
This is the dinner I threw together last night when I got home from work. It took under 30 minutes (and I enjoyed the whole process!).

I made quinoa, kale and tempeh with sundried tomatoes (simmered) in vegetable stock. I seasoned with basics like Himalayan salt, turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper. I also made a raw (living foods) vegan sauce in the (Vitamix) blender. The sauce has fresh organic mint and dill, greens, cultured almond milk yogurt, tamari, and pineapple (as well as other ingredients, which I don’t remember now, but which felt right to include in the moment). If you would like to recreate something similar, use what you have in the fridge and trust what inspires you.