I made a video blog post…

I started a new video channel for Awesome Vegan Blog.

I’ll be trying to post more and more videos and start to build a presence on youtube.

This is what my life looks like when I first wake up… I usually reach for food before I even brush my teeth or put on a shirt! :p

This video is about sprouted manna bread and dark chocolate (for breakfast!) and some of the reasons why these foods can be healthy…


Let know what you think! :)

Talk to you soon.


Raw vegan pumpkin coffeecake. Ingredients: pumpkin, olive oil, himalayan salt, persimmons, coconut oil, dates, lucuma, pecans, cinnamon.

I ate this final cake with an organic latte: mesquite, coffee, guarana, rice milk, lucuma.

This cake took 4 days to make. Check out the video below to see the process of transformation I went through in creating this recipe:

YouTube Raw Pumpkin Cake Recipe Link

How To Make Really Great Pesto For Vegans (No Parmesan Cheese!)

ALMOND-PESTO: Basil, olive oil, miso, kelp (= iodine: essential for thyroid health, metabolism), black pepper, garlic, almonds, sea salt.

See the video recipe, for guidance and tips…