Organic Kale Salad from Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market

20140622-160801-58081427.jpgI went to the Dupont Circle farmers market today and bought some fresh kale. I made a raw kale salad with kale, apple cider vinegar, hemp seeds, olive oil, munchi curry, and himalayan salt. 100% Organic.
20140622-160951-58191116.jpgThe organic kale greens are from Sunnyside Organic Farm. It feels great to eat food from a farmer I’ve met.

NEW: Green Juice (and Raw Coconut Water) at Pret A Manger, in Washington DC.

photo (13)
Pret A Manger, Washington DC now offering green juice and raw coconut water.
The 14.5 oz cold pressed green juice (in this case: “apple, cucumber, spinach, celery & lime”) is $5.99 (+tax) and tastes pretty green albeit very sweet from the apple (That being said, I can definitely taste the presence cucumber – which is a good, healthy-tasting thing).

I am happy to see more raw, vegan, health-conscious and nutritious food products coming to the Washington DC market.

The only criticism I could offer (which may be a deal breaker for some) is that the juice is NOT labeled ORGANIC. While not being organic does allow for a lower price point, which will get more people trying green juice… in order for this beverage to be fully legit, and meet a high level of quality: Pret a Manger needs to make this green juice organic and market it as such (as they have done a good job with for their organic coffee).
photo (14)
All in all, I am excited to see more green juice in Washington DC!

Do you live in DC?

I’m creating a kombucha nanobrewery which will make kombucha enhanced with the world’s best adatogenic herbs.

GINSENG KOMBUCHA will be the first brew, and it will have $10 worth of kinetic ginseng in each 32oz bottle. (That’s unheard of!)
In time, I plan to have a whole line different kombucha brews, each with high quality, potent and functional superfoods, tonic herbs, and medicinal mushrooms.

See the indiegogo campaign here


My intentions is to create the world’s finest ginseng kombucha. Lend your support by making a contribution.

Please share this idea with any of your friends, family and communities in Washington DC.


I almost asked myself “need I post something so simple as rice on my blog?”. Yes, something so awesome deserves a place on the Awesome Vegan Blog.


truRoots Organic Germinated Brown Rice, Spectrum Organic Sesame Oil, HimalaSalt Primordial Himalayan Sea Salt, Spectrum Organic Brown Rice Vinegar.

Perfect when served with locally made vegan kimchi from Number1Sons in DC-area/Arlington, VA!

A Vegan @ Founding Farmers DC

Founding Farmers is located in Foggy Bottom, near Downtown DC, and close proximity to the White House and GWU campus.

I visited on a Sunday. This restaurant tends to be very full on weekends for brunch. It is advisable to have a reservation.

I went to check out the vegan options.
Although there is a dedicated “Meatless” section at the bottom of their menu, I found very few vegan options (most of what is on the meatless menu is “vegetarian” only, meaning that it contains dairy).

I chose the vegan meatloaf (pictured below) and I have to say it was quite tasty.

On the other hand, I would not say that any of the food I saw on the menu was health-promoting at all. Most of the items available were either meat (and dairy or eggs), sugar and white flour (or other starch); sometimes a combination of the three, and mostly cooked in fat. Not many whole foods.

That being said, I do respect Founding Farmer’s attempt to bring public consciousness to the attention of the issue of food sourcing and its connection to environmental issues.



Founding Farmers

1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW  Washington, D.C., DC 20006