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How to Avoid Greenwashing as a Vegan

The majority of us have never heard the term”greenwashing.” In actuality, it appears a little bit strange. What’s greenwashing, and is it something to be wary of? Unfortunately, there are a lot of firms out there that want to take advantage of people who are weak. Vegans have a flaw that a profit-driven corporation may […]

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Awesome Facts for Coconuts and Vegans Love It

A transition to a raw, vegan, natural foods lifestyle needs a bit of ingenuity and a lot of acclimating. At first, it may appear that we are giving up more than we are getting. When I became a ‘raw dude,’ I broadened my palate by experimenting with and sampling new foods that I had previously […]

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Reasons Vegans don’t Consume Milk

Many Americans, including some vegetarians, continue to consume considerable amounts of dairy products, but there are several compelling reasons to do so. Milk has long been hailed as a “weapon” in the fight against osteoporosis, but new research suggests that milk is linked to a higher risk of fracture and that dairy calcium has no […]

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Reasons Why Egg Is Not in Vegan Diet

If you’re thinking of changing your diet to vegan, you might be wondering why vegans eat the way they do. You might also be hesitant to make these decisions until you understand and accept them yourself. To assist you in making your decision, I will explain the two prominent vegetarian positions on eating eggs in […]

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Dairy and Soy-Based Protein for Meat Replacement

Many people transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan diet are hesitant to attempt meat or dairy substitutes. Others are just unaware of the wide range of items available to substitute for meat and dairy while still enjoying beloved foods like burgers, shakes, and cheese. Soy protein and other substances are commonly used to make meat […]

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Best Gelatin Replacement for Vegan Diet

In non-vegan diets, gelatin serves nutritional and culinary purposes; however, many vegans and vegans avoid gelatin in its various forms because it is frequently made from boiled pig skins and dissolved veal cartilage and bones. When a recipe calls for a gel or thickening agent, this leaves vegans with a gap in their cooking capabilities. […]

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What does it Means to be a Fulltime Vegan

There are so many different sentences and slang terms used to describe a healthy lifestyle. It is often almost impossible to precisely determine what vegan is and what it is not. To fully understand what is expected and for many vegans, you must know fully what is expected if they are accidentally confused with another […]

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Vegan Cooking Hacks For Busy Schedule

Many people have been looking for help in pushing for a much healthier lifestyle. There are numerous ways to eat and, of course, everyone thinks about the best methods, but how do you want to learn how to make a new diet properly? The wide range of dietary choices makes things more complicated than straightforward, […]

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Vegan Cooking Tips for Beginners

Would you like to move to a vegan lifestyle? Many people care about the concept, but it can seem not very comforting in practice. It is essential to make some profound changes that should last forever to ensure the most significant possible advantages of the vegan lifestyle. This means that it is essential to start […]

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Top Tips for Consistent and Delicious Vegan Cooking

You may initially discover that vegan cooking is more of a pain and trouble than an advantage. You’re not alone when you find yourself in this position. However, you can receive help. It’s best to take some time to look over all your options to make sure you get the most out of a healthy […]

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