Why a Vegan and Environmentalist Have the Same Philosophy.

  • Author: Alicia Harris
  • Date: July 20, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Many individuals want to go vegan because it is something they think lines up with their morals. They are against cruelty toward animals and wish to do something meaningful which will contribute to animal liberation or into a better and more humane treatment throughout their lives in the factory farms where most of them are increased. This is sometimes an extremely commendable and worthy goal, but there is more to it than that.

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What is ‘Going Vegan’?

Going vegan is essential not simply to demonstrate that animals are essential but also because the environment is affected. The toxic runoff from such farms infects the water provides, and the methane gas emitted in the farms, especially cow farms, is dreadful. That gas can deplete the ozone, which leads to global warming.

The connection between veganism and environmentalism is intrinsically linked. Factory farms cause needless suffering to increase the production of meat products, but in addition, it ultimately causes difficulties in our water. There have been studies done of coral reefs that are influenced by hormones and are proven to be sensitive that they’ve even caught sexually transmitted diseases from contaminated water runoff.

If that is not an indication that we, as a species, have some responsibility to take together with our practices regarding the environment and the foods we eat or do not eat, then it’s hard to say what is. Most of us have the power to create a difference.

They might not recognize the straightforward impact that factory farms have on the surroundings. Not only are they massively toxic and dishonest, but they can even cause issues with the food supply.

That seems counterintuitive. Nevertheless, the unfortunate fact is that every mill farm that feeds cows uses much farmland to create their feed. The cows eat the grains; then they’re slaughtered and consumed. However, as a lot of men and women claim, when there is a food deficit, you could use these farms to increase food to feed hungry humans, not to feed cows that are ultimately murdered and consumed. The meal return would be much higher if they have been dedicated to foods that are advantageous for the human diet rather than the cow’s diet plan.

It can be pretty valuable to live a vegan lifestyle. If you discover it to be a challenging transition, then remembering that you’re encouraging the concept of a better way of life with the choices you make should provide a blessing. Remember, we hold the future in our hands, and if we are not fighting every step of the way to make it better, nobody will.

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