I made a video blog post…

I started a new video channel for Awesome Vegan Blog.

I’ll be trying to post more and more videos and start to build a presence on youtube.

This is what my life looks like when I first wake up… I usually reach for food before I even brush my teeth or put on a shirt! :p

This video is about sprouted manna bread and dark chocolate (for breakfast!) and some of the reasons why these foods can be healthy…


Let know what you think! :)

Talk to you soon.

Vega One All-In-One Meal Bars are Vegan & Awesome

Vega One Bars are not only delicious, they are nutritionally-sound too!‎ These plant-based bars are awesome. They taste great, have a good texture and mouth-feel, leave you with a full feeling (as any good meal-replacement bar should do), and have full-spectrum nutritional value, as well as protein.

Vega One Bar - Chocolate Cherry

Buying Vega Bars online is cheaper than shopping at Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods offers a 10% case discount on items in their store. Even with a case discount, the price for Vega Bars at Whole Foods is still higher than online. The price for Vega One Bars at Whole Foods is $3.99/each. There are 12 in the case, and so that makes the case price $43.09 (=0.9*$47.88).‎

Online a case costs $34.99, or $2.92/each. Even with the Whole Foods case discount, the Whole Foods price is about 23% more expensive than Vega One Bars available online at Amazon.


Yum Yum Yum! Nom Nom Nom!