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Here at AwesomeVeganBlog we cover a wide range of topics relating to a vegan lifestyle. To help you navigate around the site we’ve grouped our information into the following categories.

Lifestyle – These articles are about living a vegan lifestyle, looking at things such as the health benefits of eating a vegan diet, the disadvantages it may bring you, navigating eating out with friends as a vegan, and so much more.

Clothes & Accessories – Here we provide information on vegan fashion and accessories for those wanting to live a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Home – Did you know a lot of items found in your home can be non-vegan, take candles for example. In this section, we will teach you what items to look out for which may not be vegan, plus the best vegan alternatives.

Skin & Haircare – We educate you on what is not vegan with most high street skin and haircare, as well as provide you with our favorite vegan products to use.

Nutrition – Here we provide you with information to support your nutrition goals, this covers everything from what supplements you may need on a vegan diet to what popular foods are, and are not, vegan.

Recipes – We try not to focus too much on recipes, as there are already so many amazing recipes available out there on the internet. Now and again though, we’ll have an amazing recipe that we just have to share.

Although we hope that you find everything you need here, there are times when you may not.

Here are some other useful resources serving the vegan community.

American Vegan Society – A US-based organization supporting those wishing to live a vegan lifestyle.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, email me at and we will see what we can do to support you.