Are Vegans More Spiritual?

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  • Date: September 19, 2022
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Spirituality means different things to each person. Answering whether vegans are more spiritual largely depends on the individual and to some extent, how long they’ve been vegan. Let’s explore these factors below.

Making The Connection Between Plant Life And Animals

Many of us live in bustling cities or towns. We’re seemingly disconnected from animal products and even from how vegan protein is produced.

We’ve no more toured an animal slaughterhouse than toured a vegan protein production facility.

As such, we see foods in cellophane-wrapped containers or neat product boxes and have no connection to where they originated.

Similarly, unless we’re either a consummate nature lover or a green-fingered gardener, we don’t spend much time in nature or among plant life either.

And that’s true even if we claim to love plants and plant-based foods.

Therefore, switching to becoming a vegan on a Monday, doesn’t automagically make you spiritual (or more spiritual) on a Tuesday at 9 AM. It does not work that way…

Are Vegans More Spiritual

It’s A Whole Life Thing, Not A Partial Life Thing

True vegans aren’t just all about plant-based foods, it’s more than just being a dietary vegan. They may start there, but it’s about a broader view of products and how they came into being.

Even how they were produced, and the methods used can disqualify products as not vegan even if the ingredients are.

For more on this, check out our article on shopping sustainable fashion, this will take you through some of the broader considerations of living a vegan lifestyle, or our article on vegan fabric alternatives.

Being spiritual and claiming a closer connection to the earth or all living things, requires a level of sincerity and honesty from the inside out.

A lack of clarity isn’t going to cut it. Not knowing won’t either.

For example, claiming to be an animal lover and closer to the planet, while eating vegan foods and wearing suede leather loafers around the house doesn’t cut the mustard.

Even vegan mustard (yes, some mustards aren’t vegan).

Spirituality requires being genuine in your efforts to live an entirely vegan life.

Otherwise, any thoughts or talk about being a spiritual person ring hollow, and feel that way too. It’s a whole life thing, not a partial life thing.

How Becoming A Vegan Can Make You More Spiritual

Some people felt spiritual, spent time in nature, and felt closer to everything in the natural world before switching to veganism.

A switch can feel like the next logical step and one that they wished they’d done sooner.

Other people weren’t spiritual at the beginning, became vegan, and then gradually changed how they lived their life.

The practice of veganism in its wholeness includes a reexamination of how products are made, where the materials originate, etc.

Through this review, we become far better educated about the giant industrial complex we all now live in.

It’s made life simple and easier, but air and sea pollution, a lack of animal rights, and other toxic outcomes came along with it.

As a result, we better understand what we’re consuming, eating, wearing, and using every day.

Then, by doing this, it’s like putting together the puzzle pieces and finally seeing the complete picture.

Does Being Vegan Enhance Your Sense Of Wellbeing?

When placing a higher value on plants and animals, then their welfare becomes important.

It’s not all about human beings. Practicing vegan principles can make us feel good. As a vegan, we can feel refreshed, cleaner, and open to new experiences.

We don’t feel like we’re polluting our bodies or the environment, which is half the battle.

It’s not uncommon for vegans to begin to mediate or to mediate more frequently than they did in the past. Mediation is a healthy form of mental health management that’s been shown to have therapeutic-type results for stress control and happiness.

For many mediation practitioners, it creates feelings of deeper connectedness. We’re more relaxed afterward, and able to get in tune with vibrations and energy flows. Some meditation apps aim to enhance these feelings too.

Lifestyle And Beliefs In Closer Alignment

When the lifestyle and personal beliefs are in closer alignment with one another, it feels possible to be more spiritual. On the flip side, when we believe one thing but act out of alignment, it’s like a mystical disturbance in the ‘Force’.

Being a devout vegan, eating lighter, and caring about other living things opens your heart.

This makes it more possible to feel spiritual. When partaking in any spiritual practices, you feel authentic and open to the experience.

Does Spending More Time Around Animals Or In Nature Make You More Spiritual?

That you know more animals aren’t being harmed just so you can feed yourself feels good. Not filling up landfills needlessly, recycling, and buying used more often all can contribute to living a greener life.

Living with pets or interacting with other animals can create a healthier relationship with non-humans. Similarly, walking in nature or across open fields promotes a sense of happiness for many of us.

Tying this all together, spending time with animals and more time outdoors (without your smartphone in hand) enhances your sense of connection. This promotes spirituality in whatever way you wish to feel it in your life.

As we said at the top, spirituality is different for each person. What does it mean for you? What can you do to feel a stronger interconnectedness to all things? These are good questions to ask.

However, there is a flip side to this. Being aware of the animal torture in the world, and feeling like you are battling against the majority can cause stress and anxiety to some vegans. This feeling can be one of the main disadvantages of being a vegan.

How Do You Feel? Are You More Spiritual As A Vegan?

How does being a vegan make you feel? Are you more spiritual as a vegan, or do you feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders?

There are no right or wrong ways to feel, this will be up to the individual.

Let us know your thoughts – are vegans more spiritual?

Summary: Are Vegans More Spiritual?

Many vegans are likely more spiritual (or, at least, feel like they are). When avoiding animal-derived products and consuming a plant-based diet, we feel lighter. This can contribute to a better sense of wellness.

Being in nature more frequently – not just in the local city park – is a healthy option. City-dwelling vegans don’t always take the time. But doing so can give them a stronger feeling of being connected to the planet and a greater sense of spirituality than attending yet another spiritual workshop.

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