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Does vegan leather stretch

Does Vegan Leather Stretch? [Top Care Tips Included]

Vegan leather is a good replacement for people who appreciate the feel of leather but would prefer to skip any animal byproducts. But, does vegan leather stretch? Is it as durable as its non-vegan counterpart? Let’s have a look.

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Vegan Tweed - Is Tweed Vegan

Vegan Tweed [Is It A Thing?]

Some alternative fabrics form replacements for fabrics in the fashion industry. Vegan tweed is difficult in this case because there is no direct replacement for tweed that’s vegan-friendly. Read on to find out why tweed is not vegan friendly, and some vegan tweed alternatives.

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How to shop sustainable fashion

How to shop sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is a hot topic presently, just like climate change and eco-friendly products in the beauty industry are too. But what does it entail and how authentic are major fashion labels with their special product lines to ride the interest to the end of the line? Read on to learn how to shop sustainable fashion, and look and feel amazing about it.

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How to clean vegan leather

How To Clean Vegan Leather [Step By Step Guide]

Cleaning vegan leather is totally different from doing so with patent leather or suede. Therefore, if you’ve made the switch to a vegan, then do not forget to change your cleaning practices too. In this article, we will take you through how to clean vegan leather. This will ensure your items last as long as possible, making them sustainable, as well as vegan. Win-win!

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What are vegan shoes made of

What Are Vegan Shoes Made Of? [Everything You Need To Know]

Vegan shoes are a commonsense alternative to ones made from animal products. Animals do not need to suffer just so that you have a comfy pair of sneakers, sandals, or slippers on your feet. Nor should they! Let’s find out what vegan shoes are made of, and what you need to look out for when buying vegan shoes.

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Vegan Bamboo suits- Are they any good

Vegan Bamboo Suits [Are They Any Good?]

Occasionally referred to in fashion circles as California Cashmere, bamboo suits are a useful alternative to cashmere for people looking for 4-season attire. But the real question is: bamboo suits – are they worth it? Through this article, we aim to answer this and other related questions for you. What is a Bamboo Suit? A […]

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What is Vegan Suede made of

What Is Vegan Suede Made Of?

Whether you’re a vegan or someone who is concerned about animal cruelty, it’s important to understand the impact of the materials that our clothes are made from. Suede is one such material and, for many, it remains a mystery whether suede is vegan and cruelty-free or not. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, keep reading as we answer this burning question; “what is vegan suede made of”? 

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Non-Vegan Clothing on rail

Non-Vegan Clothing to Avoid

Veganism has impacted every aspect of society and culture. For strict vegans, their dedication will go far beyond what they eat. Fashion has come to terms with the fact that animal abuse and cruelty have no place in fashion. It is now easier than ever to find stylish, vegan-friendly clothing and accessories. This article will discuss the non-vegan clothing materials that you should avoid and some of the best alternatives.

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