Vegan Farmers Markets [Where To Find Them and What to Buy]

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  • Date: June 25, 2022
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Vegan farmer’s markets are often a well-kept secret in your neighborhood—or they seem to be! Sometimes this is because they’re regular farmers’ markets under a different guise. Other times, they’re expressly organic and not necessarily vegan, though largely vegetarian for sure. In this article, we will take you through some of the best vegan farmer’s markets in the US, as well as what to buy at them.

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  1. What are you Likely to Find at a Vegan Farmers Market?
  2. How can I find a vegan farmers market near me?
  3. List of Vegan Farmers Markets in the US

What are you Likely to Find at a Vegan Farmers Market?

Vegan farmer’s markets are a growing phenomenon as the interest in veganism grows and farmers see expanding opportunities.

Not every farmer or small grower can get into the big chain supermarkets. Even getting stocked in smaller, local neighborhood stores isn’t always easy.

Why is this? Because there is only so much shelf space.

So, sometimes there is delicious, local produce that’s not getting the spotlight shined on it.

All types of vegetarian and vegan products will be available at a local farmers’ market.

This will include foodstuffs as well as products such as homemade vegan candles, vegan-friendly clothing, as well as other sustainable fashion.

Much of the foodstuffs will be organic, but not necessarily all.

Freshness is also a factor too. If you’ve been saddened at the lackluster condition of vegetables in the supermarket, then a farmers’ market may be preferable.

If vegetables are the star of your vegan cooking, you don’t want anything less than perfect quality.

At farmer’s markets, the fruit and vegetables on offer are often picked on the same day, and brought straight to the stall versus several days ago.

Also, there’s less mass transportation used, so vegan farmers’ markets are typically better for the planet too.

As for prices, they vary widely. However, as a rule, vegan farmers’ markets will be pricier than fresh vegetables from the supermarket chain, but less costly than organic produce from the same retailer.

How can I find a vegan farmers market near me?

Keep a list of your favorites nearby or try doing a voice search on Google for “vegan farmers market near me?”

Search engines usually understand when a local-related search is being performed. They’ll show a list of local markets and a map with GPS waypoints indicating their location. Hovering over the pointers will bring up more information too.

Some farmers’ markets also have a Google rating and reviews posted by people who’ve previously visited. The more recent the review, the more relevant it’ll likely be.

Also, look around for temporary street signs pointing the way to a new vegan farmers’ market.

Ask your vegan friends too. They’ll likely be enthusiastic about new ones or those with better offerings or providing greater value.

Below we have pulled together a list of our communities top vegan farmer’s markets in the US. If you run a vegan farmers market, or you have one that you love, and we’ve missed it off the list, let us know.

Drop us a line in the comments below, and we’ll see if we can add it to share with the community.

List of Vegan Farmers Markets in the US

Here is a list of the vegan farmers’ markets that we’ve found in the US. A few are dedicated vegan markets, but most are farmers’ markets that likely have vegan produce available:

Vegan Farmers Markets in Alabama

Alabama Farmers Market

A market in Birmingham. It’s open 7 days a week. It’s possible to avoid the crowds here because it opens at 6 am. If wanting to go after work, it’s open until 7 pm too.

The Farmers Market at Pepper Place

Open on Saturdays in Birmingham also, this is a market that stays open on holiday weekends too. The website has a current calendar and a list of vendors too.

Madison City Farmers Market

The Madison City Farmers Market has a little bit of everything. It’s not all vegan, but there are items of interest for sure.

Opens only on Saturdays, from 8 am until noon. Expect a crowd. A seasonal opening is likely.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Alaska

Anchorage Farmers Market

A Saturday market in Anchorage, the market reopens in May and operates until early October when it gets too cold. Mornings from 9 am until 2 pm. Locally grown produce. The website lists the current vendors. 

Vegan Farmers Markets in Arizona

Tempe Farmers Market

Locally made vegan produce. Many organic offerings including fruit smoothies. The vegan deli is a must-not-miss. Open every day in Tempe from 8 am to 11 pm.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Arkansas

Me and McGee Market

In North Little Rock, the Me and McGee Market has fresh vegetables, and more.

Vegan Farmers Markets in California

Vegan Exchange LA

A weekly vegan farmers market that only opens on Sunday. So, it’s ideal for people who aren’t free on Saturday because of other commitments.

Located in North Hollywood, its food market opens at 11 am. There are also vegan cosmetics and other items too.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Colorado

South Pearl Street Farmers’ Market

Open from May 1st until November 13, this is an extensive walkable farmer’s market. There is plenty for everyone including the eager vegan too. Open Sundays only from 9 am until 1 pm.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Connecticut

Coventry Farmers’ Market

Operating for 19 years already, this market in Coventry includes the ‘GMonkey’ location and some veggie bakeries that should be the ticket. Here’s the list of the latest vendors.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Delaware

Co-Op Farmers Market

Aimed at providing natural foods, the Co-Op market starts in May and runs through to November. It opens every Sunday at 9.30 am and stays open until 2 pm.

An eclectic list of vendors includes the Nonny’s Shea Butters for that skin cleansing soap bar.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Florida

Coconut Grove Organic Market

As a vegan and organic farmers market, it’s difficult to go wrong here. The Coconut Grove Saturday farmer’s market is ground zero.

There are vegan raw goods sold and raw foods that need refrigeration. They even occasionally operate a vegan culinary art class for the creatively inclined attendees. 

Vegan Farmers Markets in Georgia

Living Well Farmers Market

In Suwanee, the Living Well Farmers Market is usually open daily. They sell a mixture of products including some vegan offerings as well as gluten-free food too.

Also, the Lithonia Farmer’s Market is open on Saturdays only in Lithonia and has some vegan produce too. They have no website available.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Hawaii

Farmers Market Maui

Found in Lahaina, the aptly named Farmers Market Maui has many vegan offerings. A vegan hot bar attracts many visitors too.

Organic through and through. Stated as vegetarian rather than vegan, they do have a menu to peruse on their website.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Idaho

Cliff’s Country Market

The Cliff’s Country Market in Caldwell isn’t as well-known and doesn’t seem to have a website either. However, what it does have of interest are plenty of vegetarian and vegan food items available. Other farmers’ markets are larger, but this seems more targeted.

The market is open regularly and closes at 7 pm.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Illinois

Evanston Farmers’ Market

In Evanston proper, this farmers’ market is extensive with a little something for everyone, including a mean vegan burger to attack!

Operating primarily on Saturdays, and opening from 7.30 am, you’ll need to get up early to miss the crowds. Here’s a list of the local vendors.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Indiana

Carmel Farmers Market

Situated in Carmel, this farmers market isn’t strictly vegan. However, the vendors often have vegan produce to support this preference too.

It opens on Saturdays from 8 am to 11.30 am from May to September. There’s also a sister winter market open from October to March at the Wire Factory too.

There’s produce, entertainment, and special events, including a VeggieArt competition too.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Iowa

Sioux City Farmers Market

Located in Sioux City, this market is open from May until late October. It operates on Wednesday and on Saturdays too, from 8 am to 1 pm.

A wide variety of vendors provide interesting options. Many sell vegan-approved items or will find something to meet this need, including vegan soaps.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Kansas

Lawrence Farmers’ Market

Open Saturday mornings from 7.30 am to 11.30 am at one location and Tuesday late afternoon from 4 pm from a separate location in South Park, this market does have vendors who provide vegan options for visitors.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Kentucky

Covington Farmers Market

Now open all year, this Saturday market has a small but interesting list of vendors. Also, plenty of local area interest on their updated blog.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Louisiana

Red Stick Farmers Market

As a producer-only market, the vendors only sell what they produce and nothing else. Located on Main Street, there are 4 markets open on different days in the Baton Rouge area.

Also, the Mandeville Trailhead Community Farmers’ Market in Mandeville has some good vegan choices too (no website).

Vegan Farmers Markets in Maine

Bangor Farmers Market

In downtown Bangor, this Sunday only market is open from 11 am until 1.30 pm. The website lists the current vendors on the home page.

These include ones selling organic veggies, vegan donuts, vegan coffee, vegan pastries, and loaves of bread.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Maryland

College Park Farmer’s Market @ Paint Branch Parkway

The College Park Farmer’s Market opens at 8 am on Saturdays. The Baking District vendor has brownies that are gluten-free and vegan.

Strib’ble Treats does too. Mallardi’s has a host of vegan dishes from vegan crab cakes to vegan pulled pork. Yum!

Vegan Farmers Markets in Massachusetts

Braintree Farmers Market

As a Saturday market, there are a good number of vegan options. Well-established road market is open from 9 am until 1 pm.

The updated list of 2022 vendors includes Jennifer Lee’s Bakery with vegan and allergy-free baked goods, and the interesting plant-based food for pet stalls, LulaRoo Cups and Pups.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Michigan

Royal Oak Farmers Market

Open on Saturdays from 7 am until 1 pm, this market is a staple in Royal Oak. It is a covered market, so it’s open come rain or shine.

There are extensive stalls including vegan-specific ones and bakeries with a vegan selection too.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Minnesota

Minneapolis Farmers Market

The No Milk Expresso and Baked Goods stand have some vegan options including tasty cookies.

Open from June to October in Hopkins, this market is simple and family-friendly. There is also a winter market too.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Mississippi

Oxford Community Market

The Oxford-based market has a strong focus on affordable food for the local community.

Open on Tuesdays from 3 pm to 6.30 pm during the warmer months and noon to 3 pm in the winter, this market doesn’t let the colder weather hold it back.

The best option is farm stalls selling fresh vegetables. Some farms put effort into sustainable, chemical-free farming, which is good to see too.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Missouri

The Tower Grove Farmers’ Market

Located in St. Louis, this Saturday market runs from April to early November.

It opens at 8 am and closes at 12.30 pm. Plus, there are separate Tuesday and Sunday seasonal markets too.

The Tower Grove market is known to have plenty of vegan choices available.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Montana

Max’s Market

Found in Bigfork, this market features organic and sometimes vegan produce, music, and a great atmosphere! Don’t miss the vegan chili. 

Vegan Farmers Markets in Nebraska

Sunday Farmers’ Market at College View

Open in Lincoln on Sundays only from 10 am to 2 pm, this small market has something for each of us.

There are vegan burgers and a mix of different products that qualify as vegan.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Nevada

Intuitive Forager Farmer’s Market

As the name suggests, this farmer’s market is a good one to have a wander and see what you can find.

Along your travels, you’ll probably spot some vegan produce here and there, and plenty of organic treats too. No website.

Opens on Fridays from 9 am on N Casino Center Blvd.

Vegan Farmers Markets in New Hampshire

Milford Farmers Market of NH

Open on Saturdays from 10 am, Milford Farmers Market is open-air with canopies for each stall.

There are vegan options including at Kiss the Cook where their vegan dishes are mouthwatering (we’re informed that kissing the cook is optional).

Vegan Farmers Markets in New Jersey

Ramsey Farmers Market

Ramsey has the Tri Boro Vegan stall, Deliciously Alicia’s for vegan and gluten-free, or Freakin’ Vegan for mac ’n’ cheese with a twist.

The market runs from May to November from 10 am to 1 pm.

Vegan Farmers Markets in New Mexico

Rail Yards Market

Runs from May to October on Sundays only. Indoors-covered marketplace with lots of vegan options among the many stalls.

Vegan Farmers Markets in New York

Be The Future – Vegan Events

Different vegan markets in various locations on select dates in New York. Check the website to find the latest market.

Numerous vegan stalls at these events, so it’s worth checking them out.

Vegan Farmers Markets in North Carolina

Charlotte Regional Farmers Market

Based in Charlotte, this market features smaller farmers.

Many have vegan produce to sell. Features herbs, mushrooms, gluten-free goods, microgreens, and more.

Vegan Farmers Markets in North Dakota

Red River Market

The Red River Market in Fargo is open on Saturdays from 10 am. It is large occupying as it does a one-quarter of a city block.

Sponsored by many big corporates, there is vegan food waiting to be discovered though it’s not a specific focus.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Ohio

Haymaker Farmers’ Market

In Kent, this farmers’ market, a few vendors are selling vegan produce. Established in 1992, it’s a year-round market with a defined summer and winter season.

Busy B Patisserie has vegan delights, The Green Vegetarian sells vegan goods from their truck, and The Bohemian Mama sells toxin-free toiletries.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Oklahoma

Farmers Public Market

The Farmers Public Market has vegetables ideal for vegans including collard greens and green beans.

There is also a cabbage soup or try vegan bread. It is one of the best options in Oklahoma City.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Oregon

Oregon City Farmers Market

Operating on Saturday from 9 am until 2 pm, the Oregon City Farmers Market is truly local. The Bean Bar Tofu is a surprising and welcome sight.

The Hummus Stop is also an interesting possibility too.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Pennsylvania

Penn Market

The Penn Market has a rich history dating back to 1866 and remains situated at its historic site.

Under a cover, it operates in all types of weather on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, exclusively.

The opening times are between 6.30 am to 2.30 pm.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the key offerings for vegans here. There is, at least, one vegan stand selling solely vegan goods.

However, other vendors often have something of interest too.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Rhode Island

Aquidneck Growers Market

The Aquidneck runs only on Wednesdays in Newport. They sell fresh vegetables, plant-based soups, and organic foods. There is no website.

Vegan Farmers Markets in South Carolina

Aiken County Farmers Market

There is plenty of farm-to-table offerings under covers at the Aiken County Farmers Market.

The market runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 7.30 am to 11.30 am. Farm produce, honey, and handicrafts.

Vegan Farmers Markets in South Dakota

Falls Park Farmer’s Market

The Falls Park Farmer’s Market in Sioux Falls is open on Saturdays from 8 am.

It has many interesting vendors including one selling vegan treats that will hit your sweet tooth perfectly.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Tennessee

Nashville Farmers’ Market

This Nashville spot remains a popular one. The Nashville Farmers’ Market has farm sheds, a market house for a quick bite to eat, and a garden center to stock up in your backyard.

The sheds feature over 150 different vendors. The market is open Friday through Sunday between 8 am to 4 pm.

The winter hours are shorter.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Texas

Dallas Farmers Market

The Dallas Farmers Market at The Shed is open on Saturdays and Sundays only.

The opening times are 9 am on Saturday and a little later, 10 am on Sunday.

It closes at 5 pm on both days. Bam’s Vegan has a strong reputation. Other stalls in this open-air pavilion-style market are worth exploring too.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Utah

Downtown Farmers’ Market

The heart of Salt Lake City is where the Downtown Farmers’ Market is found. The booths are varied and interesting.

A good number of vegan options including vegan cheese on sale. Outside, look for the Pumpkin Alley along with plenty of cute dogs too.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Vermont

Burlington Farmers Market

The Burlington Farmers Market has a pleasing number of vegan food choices.

Running since 1980, this market operates annually from spring to early autumn. There are also regular vendors and occasional ones.

This helps to see a new crop of vendors when attending more than once.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Virginia

EatLoco Farmers Market at One Loudoun

A real mix of different food items is available at the award-winning EatLoco Farmers Market.

It’s not all vegan, to be sure. However, it does have a good few vendors specializing in plant-based protein.

Some of the food is gluten-free while others are stated as being vegan. Also, the nuts sold by Boso Kitchen look tasty.

The website even has drone fly-along footage of the location to give you a better idea of how many stalls there are. Very cool.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Washington

Bellingham Farmers Market

The Farmers Market in Bellingham has been around for 30 years. There is now a market on both Saturdays and Wednesdays too.

The Saturday market is open from 10 am until 2 pm.

Quite a few vegan dishes and vegan-friendly produce can be found in Bellingham.

Vegan Farmers Markets in West Virginia

Clarksburg WV Farmers Market

If you’re near Clarksburg and you enjoy supporting smaller producers, farmers, and vendors, then the Clarksburg WV Farmers Market is perfect for you.

Open from May until October, approximately 20 vendors sell vegetables and other produce.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Wisconsin

Dane County Farmers’ Market

The Dane County Farmer’s Market opens bright and early at 6.15 am on Saturdays, so it’s possible to beat the crowds if you wish.

This market closes at 1.45 pm. They also have a Wednesday market too. There are lots of vegan and vegetarian fare to purchase.

The Saturday market is producers-only; therefore, the vendors only sell what they produce and can sell out early.

Vegan Farmers Markets in Wyoming

Downtown Laramie Farmers Market

It can be a little difficult to locate a farmers’ market in Wyoming with vegan produce. Often specialist retailers have a wider selection.

However, the Downtown Laramie Farmers Market has fresh produce, seasonal goods, and handmade crafts.

There is also art and other offerings.

The market operates on Fridays from 3 pm to 7 pm starting in late June through to the end of September.

There you have our round up of some of the best vegan farmer’s markets in the US. However, we are well aware that the world is a lot bigger than the US! If there is a vegan farmers market near you that you low, let us know and we will expand this to cover other countries in the world. This way everybody can enjoy them!

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