Vegan grocery list for beginners 

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  • Date: January 22, 2023
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Vegan grocery shopping can seem daunting at first, especially if you are new to a plant-based diet. However, with a little bit of planning and preparation, it can be easy to find vegan options at your local grocery store. Here is a vegan grocery shopping list for beginners, broken down by section of the grocery store.

Below we have compiled a vegan grocery list for beginners. If you are new to living a vegan life, it can be confusing what you can and can’t eat, that is why we sat down together and come up with a comprehensive shopping list to get you started.

Vegan grocery list for beginners

As you get more accustom and confident at eating a vegan diet, you will soon expand this list to suit your tastes.



  • apples, 
  • bananas, 
  • berries, 
  • citrus fruits, 
  • mangoes, 
  • pears, 
  • pineapple,


  • asparagus, 
  • bell peppers, 
  • broccoli, 
  • carrots, 
  • cauliflower, 
  • leafy greens (spinach, kale, lettuce),
  •  mushrooms, 
  • onions, 
  • potatoes, 
  • tomatoes, etc.


  • Rice: white, brown, wild
  • Pasta: whole wheat, quinoa, rice, bean-based
  • Bread: whole grain, sprouted grain, gluten-free
  • Cereal: oats, muesli, bran flakes, etc.


  • Beans: black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc.
  • Tofu: firm, extra-firm, soft
  • Tempeh

Nuts and seeds:

  • Almonds, 
  • cashews, 
  • peanuts, 
  • walnuts, 
  • hazelnuts,
  • Chia seeds, 
  • flax seeds, 
  • hemp seeds, 
  • pumpkin seeds, 
  • sunflower seeds, etc.

Plant-based milk:

  • Soy milk,
  • almond milk,
  • oat milk,
  • rice milk, etc.

Plant-based meat alternatives:

  • Tofu, 
  • tempeh, 
  • seitan, 
  • plant-based burgers, 
  • plant-based sausages, etc.

Plant-based spreads and condiments:

  • Hummus, 
  • peanut butter, 
  • almond butter, 
  • tahini, etc.
  • Tomato sauce, 
  • BBQ sauce, 
  • ketchup, 
  • mustard, 
  • vegan mayonnaise, etc.

Bakery items:

  • Vegan bread, 
  • vegan muffins, 
  • vegan cookies, 
  • vegan cake, etc.

Frozen foods:

  • Frozen fruits, 
  • frozen vegetables, 
  • vegan ice cream, 
  • vegan frozen meals, etc.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and you may find that your grocery shopping list will vary depending on your personal preferences and dietary needs. 

However, these items should provide a good starting point for vegan grocery shopping as a beginner.

Don’t be afraid to try new foods and experiment with different vegan ingredients – you might be surprised by how many delicious and satisfying plant-based options there are to choose from.

Happy vegan shopping!

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