What Is Vegan Ham Made Of?

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Vegan ham made by different manufacturers or brands is often made of many different ingredients. It is a meatless alternative for those that want to eat plant-based meats. They make ham rolls and roasts and sliced deli ham. The ham roasts and meats are made of wheat gluten, tofu, veggies, seasonings, and broth. So, let’s find out what is vegan ham made of!

Many use beets for color and liquid smoke to give it the taste of ham. Some recipes use onion powder, sugar, yeast extract, soy, canola oil, sea salt, carrot juice, and red rice flour.

Some hams come with a glaze that uses sugar, beer, ale, mustard, vinegar, and spices. Many consumers make their own glaze for a vegan ham or make their own from a recipe.

There are many good brands to buy for vegan ham slices, and roasts used for sandwiches, dinners, or holiday meals. 

There are many advantages of a vegan diet which you can find out about in our article.

Sliced Ham, Ham Rolls and Roasts

Yves Veggie Ham slices are an excellent choice for making sandwiches, adding to salads, or adding to an omelet.

It is low in fat and has no artificial flavors or colors. The product can be ordered on the company website, Yves Veggie Cuisine, or call to find out if it is carried in a store near where you live.

Tofurky makes ham deli slices with a smoked flavor that can be eaten cold or heated.

They carry the product in many supermarkets and have a store locater on the website. It is carried in Stop and Shop, Adams, Big Y, Walmart, and other stores.

Lifelight makes Smart Deli Ham another brand that has a sweet and smoky taste. There is a store locater on the website, and it is found in Stop and Shop and ShopRite, Walmart, Big Y, and Target.

When you ask what vegan ham is made of, you will find most of these products use wheat or tofu as the main ingredient

May Wah With Lily’s Vegan Pantry makes Vegan Bacon Sliced Ham made with soy protein and soybeans. It can be ordered anywhere in the United States on the website and shipped to your home. They suggest serving it heated with pineapple chunks and red peppers and soy sauce.

Just be aware, it may take two or three business days to arrive – but it is worth the wait.

Another brand of sliced ham is Sweet Earth Applewood Smoked Sliced Ham. It can be ordered on Amazon.com and Vegan Essentials. Vegan ham slices are a viable alternative to regular ham for sandwiches, with eggs, adding flavor to soups or salads.

Tofurky makes a vegan ham roast with an amber ale glaze. There are directions on how to cook it and apply the glaze. You can call 800-508-8100 ext. 19 to find a store that carries the roast nearest you.

Another product is Country Fresh Ham Loaf by Loving Nut. It can be ordered on the Vegan Essentials site. It is said to have a texture and flavor remarkably close to ham.

Making Your Own Vegan Ham

If you’re wanting to eat a clean vegan diet and do not want to buy shop-bought, you can always make your own vegan ham. This can be great if you are trying to eat vegan on a budget.

Many vegans make their own vegan ham roast from different ingredients instead of buying the vegan roast.

There are many different recipes online for how to make a vegan ham roast. Some recipes use red food color or beets to give the ham a reddish color. Most use a food processor to blend the ingredients. The recipes often use tofu, wheat gluten, or beans to create a chewy texture. What is vegan ham made of in recipes varies.

Its mixture is often kneaded like dough so you can shape it like ham, it then should be stored by wrapping in tin foil. If you so wish, a glaze can be added. It is baked after it is steamed with the glaze on it. 

Plant Power Couple has a vegan ham recipe that uses beets, wheat gluten, flour, coconut oil, pineapple juices, liquid smoke, mustard, and other ingredients.

They make a beet puree in a blender and mix the rest of the ingredients in a large bowl. They shape the ham into a roast and cover it with foil.

It is steamed in an electric steamer, or you can use a bamboo steamer too. It has a pineapple mustard glaze that is added to the ham and baked in the oven. The foil should be removed after steaming.

Summary: What Is Vegan Ham Made Of?

There are a number of different variations as to what vegan ham can be made of, or you have the option of making your own. Overall, when you do not have experience with making vegan hams, it might be best to start with a brand that is made by some of the companies mentioned. They are much easier to cook and prepare for a meal than making it from scratch. When you want to try to make your own recipe, try it during a time when you do not have to cook for a holiday or dinner party. Vegan ham is tasty and an excellent choice for those that want to eat plant-based products. 

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