Why Is My Vegan Cake So Dense?

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  • Date: May 28, 2022
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If you are vegan, it does mean that you have to be exempt from enjoying delicious foods, including scrumptious cakes. You have probably experimented with different recipes, but keep asking yourself, why is my vegan cake so dense? There’s no reason that vegan cakes can be just as good, but there are some things to know. Read below to find out why your vegan cake will turn out dense.

Why is my vegan cake so dense?

It can be challenging to construct a cake without using dairy products. One of the main reasons your cake turns out dense is a lack of eggs. Eggs are used in cakes to help them become fluffy and light.

There are a lot of tricks to using other ingredients besides eggs, but without the proper knowledge, you’ll end up baking a brick.

What are Egg Substitutes?

Whether you are new to the vegan lifestyle or a seasoned veteran, it’s not always obvious what ingredients can be used as substitutes.

Many good options can help your cake turn out as good as one with eggs. Some people opt for ground flaxseed because of its binding ability.

Mashed bananas are also a popular replacement for traditional eggs. They can add some sweetness to your cake, but they may not be the best, depending on what type of cake you are making. You can also use baking soda and tofu.

But, you can experiment with different combinations to get your desired density and taste profile.

Added Flour Also Makes Cakes Dense

Traditional and vegan cakes with too much flour turn out dense. Make sure to follow the recipe, and measure out the ingredients.

Some people may eyeball the measurements or get distracted and overestimate what they need. A little bit extra can throw off the entire recipe.

Many people may be unaware that flour has different levels of density. Some flours are lighter, while others are too dense to use in a cake recipe.

Consider using cake flour, and you are likely to have better results than all-purpose flour.

Oven Temperature

The oven temperature is a quick demise for a cake not turning out as expected. If the oven temperature is incorrect when baking, the cake could turn out dense.

You should always preheat the oven well before the cake goes into the oven. Cakes will rise properly at an oven temperature that is even in every location.

Correct oven temperature is an easy fix for your vegan cake becoming delicious.

Don’t Let your Cake Mixture Sit for Too Long

You’ll have to mix all of your ingredients before your cake goes into the oven. It might not seem a big deal, but letting the mixture sit for too long can cause the cake to lose air and become dense.

The cake will not rise as well as you’d like. A good strategy is to have your tins and pans ready to go into the oven once your batter is mixed.

Also, as mentioned, ensure your oven is already preheated.

Capture More Air

Capturing more air can help your cake turn out moist and less dense.

You can use either an electric or manual whisk and only use the necessary flour. When you sift flour, hold it high in the air to capture more air.

Also, don’t fold and beat the flour because it will cause the cake to become heavy.

Use Room Temperature Margarine

It’s a good idea to use your vegan margarine that is at room temperature. Cold margarine makes it challenging to mix the ingredients together.

So always allow your margarine to get to room temperature. If you cannot trap the air, the cake can turn out very dense.

Avoid Over Mixing

Overmixing the ingredients like sugar and margarine can make the cake dense. Pay attention if you are using an automatic mixer.

Too much mixing can cause more air to be trapped. You can use an electric hand mixer to control how much the ingredients are mixed.

Final Tips

Don’t get frustrated if your vegan cake is not as expected. It takes a lot of trial and error to get it just right.

There are many great vegan desserts, but you have to adapt without using eggs or other non-vegan ingredients.

Keep a log of the steps mentioned above, and follow the recipes carefully. Soon, you will not be asking why is my vegan cake so dense? You’ll be well on your way to becoming a great vegan dessert chef!

Another Idea

Another idea if you want a helping hand with your vegan cake is to use a pre-made vegan-friendly cake mix that you only need to add olive oil too. Then all you have to worry about is keeping the oven at the right temperature.

Miss Jones organic vegan cake mixes are one of my personal favorites. It makes great cakes and cupcakes that taste no different from their non-vegan counterparts. What’s more, is that they are all made with sustainable ingredients, which is something that is important to me.

Summary: Why Is My Vegan Cake So Desne?

There is a number of reasons why your vegan cake may be dense, from getting the wrong balance of ingredients to not having your oven at the right temperature. Hopefully, we have talked you through our top tips for making a vegan cake that is not dense, as well as providing you with our top alternative.

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