How long does it take to lose weight on a vegan diet

How long does it take to lose weight on a vegan diet?

Maybe you’re considering getting into a vegan diet for the first time for the health benefits? Or did you fall off the wagon and are looking to climb back on again and take the complete journey this time? Perhaps you’re wanting to lose weight on a vegan diet? Are you focused on those 10 remaining, stubborn pounds that just won’t disappear? Can this happen sooner with a vegan diet? Does it make it easier to lose excess weight or is a vegan diet simpler to maintain while having a life? Let’s find out.

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Acacia honey vs manuka honey Which is better for vegans

Acacia honey vs manuka honey [Which is better for vegans?]

There are different types of honey, based on the region or plants that support the bee colonies. We look into whether acacia honey is better than manuka honey for vegans? We also examine honey as a food source for vegans and whether it’s a good choice. [SPOILER ALERT: it’s controversial to be sure]  Acacia Honey […]

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Can You Freeze Vegan Cake

Can you freeze vegan cake? [Complete Guide]

If you intend to keep it in good condition before later removing it, freezing a vegan cake isn’t much different from handling a non-vegan cake. To cover the range of questions we get asked about storing and keeping vegan cakes as tasty as possible, we have divided up the sections below to cover the most popular topics. So, let’s find out, can you freeze vegan cake and our top tips if you do!

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Is Red Bull Vegan

Is Red Bull Vegan?

The popular energy drink that is supposed to give you imaginary wings and help you to power through the day… Is the original Red Bull drink vegan?

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