Protein and The Vegan Diet [Everything You Need to Know]

  • Author: Ben
  • Date: September 26, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The question, “How in the world do you obtain adequate protein if you don’t eat meat?” is one that most vegans fear hearing.

For some reason, the rest of the world seems to have forgotten those plant proteins exist. While bodybuilders who eat a lot of meat may seem more ripped, some bodybuilders succeed on a vegan diet and look just as ripped as bodybuilders who consume a lot of meat.
If you’re a vegan, you have a plethora of protein sources to choose from. There are recommended fruit and vegetable dosages and protein powders; you can easily add that into your everyday diet.

However, many people presumptively believe that vegans are self-righteous and moralistic and that everyone who does not comprehend or adapt their vegan lifestyle is a fool. Rather than becoming annoyed by this inquiry, strive to keep a tolerant and helpful attitude toward others attempting to understand your way of life. Perhaps they’ve contemplated adopting a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle but can’t see how it’s possible. If this is the case, responding to their legitimate inquiries with hatred can be very depressing.

If someone asks how you get enough protein on a vegan diet, you can say you take supplements or eat suitable fruits and vegetables. Vegans have the option of using soy protein. Tofu, leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach, and various other leafy greens can give our bodies a consistent amount of protein.

Many people are terrified of things they don’t understand, and as a result, it might be difficult for them to grasp new concepts. While it can be aggravating to ask the same questions repeatedly, you can readily answer the protein question with patience. It is frequently asked out of genuine concern. How can you be healthy if you don’t eat meat?

We are socialized to believe that meat is the most OK food for us from a young age. We will grow big and strong if we eat everything that is presented to us without question. So, if someone asks you where you get your protein, what they’re asking is, “How can I be sure you, as someone I care about, are as healthy as you should be based on this unusual diet choice?”

It may be less aggravating to hear the protein question regularly if you approach it with that mindset. If it still bothers you, put on a brave face and tell the person inquiring that your health is your top priority and you are doing everything you can to keep it. That may suffice.

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