Why Is My Vegan Cake So Dense

Why Is My Vegan Cake So Dense?

If you are vegan, it does mean that you have to be exempt from enjoying delicious foods, including scrumptious cakes. You have probably experimented with different recipes, but keep asking yourself, why is my vegan cake so dense? There’s no reason that vegan cakes can be just as good, but there are some things to know. Read below to find out why your vegan cake will turn out dense.

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Kale Chips [The Ultimate Vegan Chip]

Coming Soon!

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Being Vegan On a Budget [Is It Possible?]

Eating vegan can appear like a very costly thing to do. And while that may be true occasionally, mainly if you are eating all organic vegetables and fruits and indulging in noodle products which could cost a fortune. However, there are, in fact, quite a few ways in which you may take buying vegan to […]

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Grilled Tofu Po’Boy With Apple Slaw

Ingredients• 1 cup vegetable broth• 2 Tablespoon cup hot sauce, plus more for serving• 2 tablespoon vegan butter• 2 medium-sized tofu, pressed overnight, and cut into half-inch slices• 5 cups shredded cabbage• 3 medium apples, grated• 2 medium shallot, grated• 5 tablespoons vegan mayonnaise, plus more for spreading• 2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar• Salt and […]

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Eating Out as a Vegan With Your Friends

When most individuals are aware that getting a Vegan will call for a lot of commitment on their part, numerous others consider there are no chances for them to consume as a vegetarian. Dining out for social events and the occasional fast supper is something which almost everyone alive is guilty of at some stage. […]

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How to Make a Cake the Vegan Way

Do you have a strict vegan in your family celebrating a birthday or other event that includes cake typically? You might not know what vegans don’t consume if you aren’t familiar with vegan dietary guidelines. Worse, you might not know what to feed them in substitute for what they don’t eat. But don’t be concerned. […]

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