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What Happens If A Vegan Accidentally Eats Meat

What Happens If A Vegan Accidentally Eats Meat?

A vegan who eats meat accidentally is in mortal hell. Will they meet the Reaper immediately or quietly internally combust and disappear in a whisp of smoke? “There goes Caroline,” the old man said, wistfully, “She ate a burger. And it disagreed with her.” Well… it’s not all that bad. So, do not panic! However, for a dedicated vegan, it can feel like a major issue and potentially can cause some inadvertent but temporary, minor problems too. Let’s look at the physical and mental consequences of accidentally eating meat.

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Are Vegans More Spiritual

Are Vegans More Spiritual?

Spirituality means different things to each person. Answering whether vegans are more spiritual largely depends on the individual and to some extent, how long they’ve been vegan. Let’s explore these factors below.

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Vegan Paintballs Are Paintballs Vegan

Vegan Paintballs [Are They a Thing?]

Going paintballing is a fun activity to burn off excess energy and have a blast! No pun intended. But are paintballs vegan? Can you get vegan paintballs? This article will take you through everything you need to know so you can enjoy paintballing and remain true to your vegan lifestyle.

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dietary vegan definition

Dietary Vegan [Definition]

This article will look at what it means to be a dietary vegan and what this definition actually means. We will explore how being a dietary vegan differs from being a ‘proper’ vegan.

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Vegan Farmers Markets [Where To Find Them and What to Buy]

Vegan Farmers Markets [Where To Find Them and What to Buy]

Vegan farmer’s markets are often a well-kept secret in your neighborhood—or they seem to be! Sometimes this is because they’re regular farmers’ markets under a different guise. Other times, they’re expressly organic and not necessarily vegan, though largely vegetarian for sure. In this article, we will take you through some of the best vegan farmer’s markets in the US, as well as what to buy at them.

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Vegan struggles you are likely to go through

10 Vegan Struggles You Are Likely To Go Through

We’d love to tell you that becoming a vegan and sticking with it is all plain sailing. But there are valid vegan struggles that you’re likely to go through. There will be times when you will feel like life is pulling you in different directions. This article tells you about a few of them and how you can handle them should they happen to you. Or, ideally, prevent them from ever happening.

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What to serve vegan guests at a BBQ, Vegan BBQ

What to serve vegan guests at a BBQ

When you’re preparing for a barbeque and one or more of the guests are vegan, it makes meal planning a little more challenging. Nonetheless, a great host always rises to the occasion. It is usually best to be direct. Simply asking about what to serve vegan guests at a BBQ is approaching it with an open mind. Guests are bound to appreciate that, and it avoids unintended blunders through a lack of knowledge or preparation. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Why is palm oil not vegan

Why is Palm Oil Not Vegan? Unveiling the Hidden Truth

Welcome to, your ultimate guide to a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle. Today, we’re diving into a topic that often raises eyebrows in the vegan community: Why is palm oil not vegan?

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What is vegan what does it mean to be vegan

What is Vegan?

In this article, we will go through what it means to be vegan. This will include what the main reasons are for an individual to ‘turn vegan’ as well as the impact that living a vegan lifestyle has on the individual and the environme

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How long does it take to lose weight on a vegan diet

How long does it take to lose weight on a vegan diet?

Maybe you’re considering getting into a vegan diet for the first time for the health benefits? Or did you fall off the wagon and are looking to climb back on again and take the complete journey this time? Perhaps you’re wanting to lose weight on a vegan diet? Are you focused on those 10 remaining, stubborn pounds that just won’t disappear? Can this happen sooner with a vegan diet? Does it make it easier to lose excess weight or is a vegan diet simpler to maintain while having a life? Let’s find out.

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